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  Welcome to my Old Rig page. I started this truck about 15 years ago. At the time, it was a massive project. The size was severely limited by my lack of bricks, and my money to buy more. The truck was built red, mainly because it was (and still is) my most abundant color. It has been through several design changes since it was first built. The engine has been rebuilt twice along with the hood. The cabin has been rebuilt once, and the fifth wheel once.
  Even with all the changes, the more I looked at it and saw the need for massive redesign. The main problem is the height of the truck. Plainly put, he is way too low to the ground, and the roof should be much higher. Adding to the problem of height, the undercarriage simply could not hold the weight. The truck (even with a lot of extra supports added) just sagged too much in the center. The doors had no real hinges on them, although they did open. I used a system of interlocking bricks to allow it to open. But to open them was extremely hard.
  All this plus I wanted to tackle an new fangled aerodynamic truck. (Aerodynamic trucks weren’t out when I first designed this rig.)

  Even so, for my age and skill level (at the time), I think the truck is a nice looking creation. Take a look at it and then visit my new areo-truck pages to see and improvement.

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