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Thanks for viewing this page, I hope that something I say stays with you in some way.

This page is devoted to letting others know my beliefs and the reason for my Beliefs. If you have any honest questions or comments please let me here them, I will try to answer them.


Who is God?

God Cares for You!

God created you, he cares for our lives.

Sin - Separation from God

God has set a standard for us to live by. This standard is not meant for our bad, but it protects us from bad. But we decided not to live by that plan. As a matter of fact we can never live up to that plan. God requires perfection, one mess up and you flunk the test. And there are no curves.

God is just!

God can not endure our disobedience to his commands. All sin must be punished. There is only one punishment: Death - mentally, physically and spiritually.

The Provision

God is also merciful, so He has prepared a way for us to bypass the punishment. God had not relaxed His previous command that all sin must be punished, so He who had not sinned, died for us. Jesus had no sin, so He could not be condemned like us, a perfect substitution for us. Just like a soldier who dives on a grenade to save his platoon. Christ died on the cross to save us.

The Free Gift

So what has to be done to take advantage of this, provision. It is easy, accept it and live for Christ. He is not a tyrant, He loves us and wants the best for us. Take advantage of His offer.

The Promise

This is a good part, what do we get from this. Peace beyond understanding, knowing that someone a lot bigger than you is looking after you is quite comforting. An ever faithful father and friend, someone who will never leave or forsake you, and never let you down. A life beyond compare, and a life forever. Yes, Christians die physically but not mentally and spiritually, and our physical death is only temporary.

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