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From: rcarpen@lan2wan.com
Subject: Re: My Spread Spectrum Letter to FCC
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 18:25:37 -0800
Thanks, Greg, for your messages. I think the fact that they have appeared on the VHF Reflector can be a big help.

It seems to me that a six-month STA doesn't give enough time for serious work. From my own experience, it would seem very hard to get anything non-commercial on the air and well tested in such a short time. I, for one, wouldn't want to go all-out to whip up something good, just to have the STA run out as the gear was nearing completion. People on 902 (K5LLL) have already complained about the greatly increased noise floor from the commercial SS sharing the band. We need experience with other techniques and bands to achieve some sort of completeness.

I hope that the FCC has given an indication that an extension will be possible - barring some disaster such as unresolved interference.

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