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From: Harry_Chase@windata.com (Harry Chase)
Subject: Re[4]: My Spread Spectrum Letter to FCC
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 96 10:55:16 EST
Part 15 devices have *absolutely NO* legal status for protection from ANY interference, amateur or otherwise! ISM is covered under PART 18, not part 15. Most of the true ISM stuff is things like industrial heating eqpt., sputtering and ion deposition gear, etc. In general, things that reside in industrial facilities and sometimes in hospitals. (the only notable exception here is microwave ovens, which , IMO , only got qualified under part 18 by dirty politics!!!)

SO, all those baby monitors , cordless fones, and door openers (and the pile of other RF trash out there in yuppie-neighborhood land) have NO legal recourse. Read the disclaimer thats required by law on the label of any part 15 device!

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