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From: six@uhf.wireless.net
Subject: Re: My Spread Spectrum Letter to FCC
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 19:13:04 -0500 (EST)
Hi Greg and others:

> I think we will have posting and updates on the Web pages as STA stations
> make things available. The real push will be for the end report, which
> will be made fully available on the site when completed.

Obviously several of us disagree in the frequency of updates. I think Greg's comments of occasionaly posting updates are a good "compromise", but how often will this be in practice? I personaly would be content if I saw some form of update (even if it's a one liner - continuing operation of such and such system on 900 MHz, no interference encounteredm, operated system 7 days/week) every 4 weeks?

I agree with Greg, the final report is the one that should be concentrated on, so as to convince to FCC to enact permanent rules changes,

Another thing to keep in mind - not every participant of the STA has access to an internet account. He shouldn't be forced to get one just because of needing to post updates.

How will you address this Greg? Will these updates be "voluntary", with a recommended update frequency?

Keep up the good work...


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