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From: wd5ivd@tapr.org
Subject: Re: My Spread Spectrum Letter to FCC
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 18:48:31 -0600
Hum -- I seem to be posting to this list a lot now...although I am still not on it :-) Might want to move some of this over to the SS@TAPR.ORG list since a lot of it is in the same track.

Anyway, you raise some good questions. I think we will see different people reporting at different times and frequencies. There will be an update requested sometime in the middle of the 6 month period in order to ensure that all the information posted is kept accurate then the final report will begin to be compiled at least a month or more before the end of the project so that it can be presented to the FCC before the final date.

With regards to Internet access -- both Dewayne and myself are requiring that anyone who wants to participate in the STA must have at least an e-mail account. But you are correct that many would not be able to upload (ftp) information, which could present a problem for trying to manage a project of this size and this short of period for a few people. I can't see us saddling someone with taking all the e-mail and editing it and moving it around. The project has to be managable and still get things done. It is only amateur radio -- no one is getting paid for any of this 'fun' :-)

I am still not sure why someone in Calf would need to know about operations in Texas or Maryland. The purpose of the STA stations list is so that local groups can form and communications can happen at the local level. One of the 'hidden' agenda items of mine is to get more local communications happening. It doesn't happen if someone can just look at the web page and never have to contact anyone locally. Education can not occur unless you have two items: a persons motivation and their attention. I would hope that both of these will happen if someone takes the time to locate and then contact or meet with the people locally to discuss issues regarding the TAPR SS STA. In addition, local communications is the only way that we can handle the potential amount of conversation required. Dewayne and myself will not have time to handle the vast amounts of questions that will need to be answered over the coming months. By providing information in a retail-fashion at the local level, then many can participate at a higher and more diverse level. At least one type of management approach.

While Internet is great for discussing things, we really have to have discussion at the 'grass roots' level to really be able to see and understand how things operate and work. That is a lot more on the qualitative research method (non-positivistic) side of things.

Cheers - Greg, WD5IVD

`At 6:13 PM -0600 11/29/96, Bernie Doehner wrote:
>Hi Greg and others:
>> I think we will have posting and updates on the Web pages as STA stations
>> make things available. The real push will be for the end report, which
>> will be made fully available on the site when completed.
>Obviously several of us disagree in the frequency of updates.
>I think Greg's comments of occasionaly posting updates are a good
>"compromise", but how often will this be in practice? I personaly would
>be content if I saw some form of update (even if it's a one liner -
>continuing operation of such and such system on 900 MHz, no interference
>encounteredm, operated system 7 days/week) every 4 weeks?
>I agree with Greg, the final report is the one that should be
>concentrated on, so as to convince to FCC to enact permanent rules
>Another thing to keep in mind - not every participant of the STA has
>access to an internet account. He shouldn't be forced to get one just
>because of needing to post updates.
>How will you address this Greg? Will these updates be "voluntary", with a
>recommended update frequency?
>Keep up the good work...
>Bernie nu1s

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