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From: evman@ix.netcom.com (Evhen Tupis)
Subject: Re: My Spread Spectrum Letter to FCC
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 09:59:45 -0800
Hello all, Here's a thought... A Spread Spectrum vs. weak signal test is already underway, and we never realized it.

Snipped from w3otc (who makes the insightful observation)...
>People on 902
>(K5LLL) have already complained about the greatly increased noise floor
>from the commercial SS sharing the band.

Why are we sending resources in the direction of "creating our own" SS signals in order to "see how/if we can peacefully coexist", when we already have high-power commercial sources on our 903-MHz band? Why aren't our resources going into solving the coexistance problem that already exists at 903-MHz?

If you are a Spread Spectrum advocate, tell us what we must do to solve the problem at 903-MHz, before "spreading" (lame attempt at a pun), the problem to more congested bands.

Please help me to understand, Ev Tupis, WB2ELB

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