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From: RWHam@aol.com
Subject: Read a Little (about SS)...References
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 23:49:37 -0500
Hello all of you SS Flamers:

Before we flame SS use on the amateur bands, let's familiarize ourselves with it (you may uncover an application, or at least be a more effective flamer). Your local library (University, Trade School, Public, Company, etc.) may have a few books that cover the basics. The mode does have something to offer (I'm not entirely certain that the SS solution fits the amateur band problem); if we are a little more aware of how the mode works and how channel capacity even leads one to consider such an approach, we may find that there really is a problem out there that this solution fixes. Two good references (and one just for the *** of it) which may be available to you are: 1) Spread Spectrum Systems with Commercial Applications by Robert Dixon, John Wiley & Sons, 1994 (This is a very good book, uses simple down to earth expla- nations) 2) Modern Communications and Spread Spectrum by George Cooper & Clare McGillem, McGraw-Hill, 1986 (Good coverage of basic SS techniques and background material, but not as good as above ref.) 3) The Web, just use your crawler, or whatever your search engine is called, to do a search for "Spread Spectrum", "DSSS", "FHSS", "CDMA". You would be amazed at the volume of free (rather biased) info out there. Most focused on cell, pcs, or lan applications, but some providing a fair background of SS techniques.

After you read through these and a few more, turn on the afterburner.


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