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From: rcarpen@lan2wan.com
Subject: Re: My Spread Spectrum Letter to FCC
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 08:30:52 -0800
Greg Jones, WD5IVD wrote:
> I am not on this list, but received a copy of the posting and felt I should
> respond.
> ----
> Hi Bob. Thanks for the copy of the letter you sent to us before posting to
> the list. With your premission I will be adding it to the other letters
> regarding the issue we have in electronic format.


Yes - add it to the TAPR site. I'll now comment on one or two items in your letter to me.

> If you haven't checked the TAPR SS Web page (http://www.tapr.org/ss) where
> the TAPR SS STA is being handled, you will notice that we are already
> providing an in depth list of stations and what freqs they will be
> operating on. The goal of this list is to allow amateurs to both contact
> and hopefully get involved with the testing at the local level that will be
> happening under the TAPR SS STA.

The last time I checked, not long before mailing the letter, I didn't find the list. Sorry.

**** much snipped ****

> The need for the STA was to allow people to look at potentials. This not a
> rule making, thus nothing is absolute. While I highly expect that all
> operators participating under the STA will be keeping good notes on
> operations as they do them, having a 24 hour posting each day on what they
> are doing would severely limit participation. That is one reason we are
> making a comprehensive list of stations and their projects (mode and freq)
> available on our web site. It is our feeling that communications to the
> level you are interested in having listed every day are better handled at
> the local level (over coffee at donuts) than some nation wide posting of
> logs, where the information I post only effects people within a limited
> geographic area (i.e.,. not in Maine since I am in Austin :-). I would
> rather have people spending time locally discussing what they are doing and
> working on their experiments, then having to spend time ensuring that their
> daily logs were posted on the Internet.

I still dasagree with you on my posting proposal. Why?

1) As you point out SS represents a major change in amateur practice.

2) I can not believe that five or ten minutes spent posting one's STA operatimg times of the previous day - with reference back to an earlier posting for equipment details - would impact anyone's experimentation time to any significant degree. Certainly much less than going somewhere for coffee and doughnuts.

3) Having a running public record of operation under the STA is needed to lend much greater credibility to the results of the experiments - much to the benefit of TAPR. Even unintended secrecy in ham operations tends to be misinterpreted.

4) When (not if) SS becomes common on ham bands, it will affect hams everywhere. Your argument that the posted information only "effects [sic] people within a small geographic area" is wrong. Hams everywhere will be affected by the results of SS tests, and you should *want* to keep them informed of progress under the STA. Five minutes a day on the part of each active STA participant is a trivial price to pay for "selling" SS, don't you think. And that would only apply if the station actually operated.

`5) Local discussions and non-STA participants are vital, as you clearly understand. Perhaps it would be a good idea to compile some record of non-STA-holder particiants. It, too, should be made available on the TAPR site.

What I'm looking for is for enough information to be made public DURING the STA that TAPR will not be vulnerable to claims of biased or insufficient testing. By posting the information on a timely basis during the STA, TAPR will be largely protected against such claims, and general interest in, and knowledge of, SS should be increased. If I were TAPR, I'd want to post a short summary of tests and results under the STA on a monthly basis. I'd want to be sure that the posting was to the VHF Reflector as well as other similar non-TAPR places.

*** the rest snipped ***

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving,

73 de Bob w3otc ------ Submissions: vhf@w6yx.stanford.edu Subscription/removal requests: vhf-request@w6yx.stanford.edu Human list administrator: vhf-approval@w6yx.stanford.edu