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From: kd5xb@bigfoot.com
Subject: Re: Read a Little (about SS)...References
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 21:28:09 -0800

> From: Clschmalz@aol.com, on 12/1/96 5:26 PM:
> How do they propose to syncronize the frequency hopping algorithm when using
> SS in casual QSO's. For that matter how does one know which to use. I can see
> how it could be done in point to point communications, especially between two
> stations belonging to the same entity. I just have trouble visualizing how
> (or even if) SS will work in general amateur service.

In the Air Force, we have a system called HAVE QUICK. Any HAVE QUICK station can communicate with any other because they're all synchronized to, I think, WWV.

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