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From: geraldj@ames.net
Subject: re: Dayton Johnson's 1296 double rhombic.
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 10:45:23 -0600
Bernie nuls wrote:
> Dayton Johnson's 1296 double rhombic.
> Date:
> 29 Nov 1996 10:08:20 -0600
> From:
> bad@uhf.wireless.net
> To:
> Geraldj
>On page 90 of December QST is a picture of Dayton Johnson and his award
>winning 1296 MHz. double rhombic. Does anyone know where he got the
>from or wether he designed/optimized it himself for 1296?
>I'd very much like to copy his design and build something similar for
>(about the same gain, but with much lower visual impact than my 33
>element loop yagi).


>Bernie nu1s

The best I recall that was a design by Laport. It was revered for its low elevation angle in RCA long distance HF work. I recall seeing details about in Johnston's Antenna Handbook (first edition) where it likely referenced an article in Proceedings of the IRE (late 30's probably) or Laport's book on Rhombic Antennas.

Previous ham attempts to use this design at VHF have not worked out as well as claimed. I wonder if it really was raised out of ground reflection effects on the test range. I've seen that with my wooden antennas that were too heavy to get up to the top of the pole at CSVHF... Where an EIA standard gain antenna capable of 7.7 dbd came up with 10 dbd...

73, K0CQ

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