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From: gfp@sarnoff.com
Subject: Latest QST UHF Rhombic=Prize Winner
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 19:42:36 -0500
Any thing written on the fellow who built a Rhombic for UHF in the latest QST?

I've seen the design in TERMAN, but it has a high impedance, and is hard to keep it stable in high winds.Evidently his version worked out fine, BTW, RCA used a huge rhombic pointed at ENGLAND for years, looking for 45 Mhz TV F2 skip. They were quite sucessful.If I could get it to cover 470 (440) to 800 Mhz, and have a resonable impedance to match to, it could be a formidible UHF TV DX (and 440 ham) TV antenna. Tapered lines were used in the old days.A guy in long island built one in the late forties, and actually had to re-orient it when the TV station move to Empire state was done. It used four telephone poles for support!!!!Jerry Pulice

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