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From: n2czf@magg.net
Subject: Re: window Baloney and the SS Letter!
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 11:58:27 -0500

FCC this and FCC that.... lately everyone is talking about going to the FCC, here is some insight. THE FCC DOES NOT CARE LESS (OR MORE!) ANYMORE! By going to the FCC you are wasting more of their precious little time and diverting more attention to the amateur service, probably unwanted attention. I am not saying that we do not have a right to do this but it is not a smart idea.

With all of the FCC cutbacks and their need for MORE MONEY the amateur community should be worried about their frequency spectrum being sold! We do not generate a revenue for the FCC considering all the other communications industries do and we are given a privilege to operate on the bands, it is not a law that they must let us. If enough amateurs start to go crying to the FCC for thisa thing and thata thing you sure as heck can believe we will start losing more frequencies. Why should they put up with us the "freeloaders" of the industry if they can get us off their backs and make money at it to boot.

First it was CB, no more license requirements, then the Amateur community, no more FCC testing it will all be done out of house, then the commercial industry no more Commercial testing, FAA training ctrs. and Mo and Curly testing center can do those for us, and now all the marine VHF radio licenses are gone. Do you get the picture ?? They want the money, not the responsibility, they do not test anymore but they still get $$$ for the piece of paper!!! Less costs but they still close up monitoring stations all over the country. The East cost is down to one in VA that is manned, all the others were either shut down or have gone to remote control from VA. They can't uphold the FCC laws and they know it, why license what you cannot police. Do you think they care about the Spread Spectrum issue or some 50MHz DX window. I wish they did care but that is not a reality check.

Ever since the the early years the FCC wanted the amateur community to be self policing, does anyone ever remember the ARRL OO's ?? As years went by this got stronger, now Repeater Coordination Comm's in the mid 80's were officially observed by the FCC in disputes. This is what the FCC wanted and let's keep it that way! Do not air out our dirty laundry, let's handle it internally and keep quiet. I think this is a better case for "out of sight, out of mind". ----------


> From: W9FTI@aol.com
> To: vhf@w6yx.stanford.edu
> Subject: Re: 50 MHz DX window Baloney
> Date: Thursday, November 28, 1996 8:40 PM
> Well, I just gotta add my $.02 worth.
> Why not work to have the FCC change the first hundred KHZ, 50.000 - 50.050
> CW and beacons, then 50.050 - 50.100 SSB (maybe extra only, not really, that
> would open a hornets nest) then have DX from 50.050 - 50.125.
>hearing my two cents worth. Just an idea!
> 73, DX
> Jerry, W9FTI
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