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From: Spinosa@msn.com
Subject: RE: window Baloney and the SS Letter!
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 96 19:44:20 UT
[--Big Snip--]
>> let's handle it internally and keep quiet. I think this is a better case for "out >> of sight, out of mind". [-Snip-]

Hi Richard,

If what you say is true, how will keeping silent save us?

Most of your position is strong, but the only reference you make in support of your approach is: "Out of sight = Out of mind".

I have never known any person or organization that ignored any possibility in the search of revenue.

After all, this is what you say the FCC is really after, money, right?

Are you actually so naive to think that being silent will cause anyone to ignore us and leave us alone?

Assuming your argument is true, why then, when the FCC auctions off a piece of our spectrum, do they site "lack of use" as a primary consideration?

In short, while I may not dispute the reality of the situation you describe, I do dispute your solution; i.e. cover your head and be quiet. For God's sake don't make waves!

History has shown that this type of passive defense is simply steam rolled over in the world of finance and markets. Make no mistake, electromagnetic spectrum, and its preservation, is strictly a matter of high finance.

Part of the reason commercial interests are capturing Washington's attention is because they are offering money. Part of the reason is because they are making themselves appear to offer a benefit to the populace, more of a benefit, in some cases, than that perceived being offered by the Amateur Community. That's when we lose spectrum.

You can be sure that any commercial endeavor worth it's salt will never take the "passive defense" approach if their spectrum were threatened. They would be screaming bloody murder, and they would FORCE the FCC to accept and enforce its responsibilities. Business knows that the "run and hide" syndrome won't work. It won't work for us either.

While writing, I've been trying to think of a suitable analogy... It's kind of like making a deal with a loan shark named Lou, and his "staff" named Billy, Bubba, and simply "Killer". You can bury your head in the sand, and never make a peep, but these guys will still find you and break your legs.

Well, so much for improvisational analogy.

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