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From: daytonj@pclink.com
Subject: Dual Rhomboids by w0ozi
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 21:59:15 -0600
HI Bernie:

I've been trying to send you a reply, but don't know how to use my computor. I'll try again with my 12/3 message.

That QST pix has stirred up phone calls, mail and the vhf reflector internet activity.

My rhomboids have used 800 ohm terminations. Some of the reflector comments on their generating noise I have seen and while probably valid. I'd build one and try it. The gain has proven more important from my experience.

I built my first one for 70cm FSATVfour years ago. The original inspiration was prompted by an artical in 73 magizine, July 77, Pg24. It worked so well, outperforming th M2, KLM, aand Rutlands other use around here for ATV.

I have since rescaled my design for 910 and 1265 and could mail the info if you forward a mailing adsress. The 1265 version is what we tested at CSVHF antenna measurements range and is pictured in QST.

Hope this reachs you and is of help.

73's W0OZI Dayton Johnson ------ Submissions: vhf@w6yx.stanford.edu Subscription/removal requests: vhf-request@w6yx.stanford.edu Human list administrator: vhf-approval@w6yx.stanford.edu