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From: friendb@thorin.atsc.allied.com (Friend, Bruce A.)
Subject: RE: more SS
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 13:00:41 -0500

I will add to the SPAM! Get off of your soap box Harold! Phil's response was not an advertisement it was however a concrete example of SS at work. I am getting tired of hearing hams talk about SS as if it was all theoretical. Wake up people! There is a lot of it in use and more coming. Why must we look at weak signal work as someone listening for CW signals in the noise using nothing but their ears? If you want to work the real weak stuff you must use advanced signal processing and coding techniques. After all we don't send Morse Code to Voyager do we.

Either we learn to use the new technology or it will kill off ham radio. I, for one, would rather share my frequencies with others using SS and other techniques than lose them altogether.

Bruce N3GNN ----------
>From: Harold Brian Robinson
>To: vhf
>Subject: more SS
>Date: Wednesday, December 04, 1996 11:15AM
>I think you have made a few assumptions that aren't necessarily true. Just
>because a radio is working, and it happens to be CDMA, doesn't mean it is
>working only because it is CDMA.
>I'd hate to have to have all the extra complexity of CDMA just to talk to a
>site that is only 2 miles away!!!!!
>I hope you gets lots of SPAM responses (this is a hint to everyone else on the
>73 N3GDE
>On Dec 3, 2:52pm, Phil Karn wrote:
>> Subject: Re: W3OTC's quote from the W3IWI/KA9Q EME paper
>> By the way, just to show you this spread spectrum stuff isn't all
>> theory, I am typing this message from my laptop while sitting indoors
>> at the local food court near work.
>> I am logged into my office workstation over a Qualcomm CDMA (spread
>> spectrum -- 1.25 MHz bandwidth) cell phone operating in the 1.9 GHz
>> PCS band. The phone is plugged into the serial port on my laptop, and
>> it's carrying TCP/IP/PPP packets from the Linux operating system on my
>> laptop to the company Internet and thence to the outside world.
>> The cell site is perhaps a mile or two away on a 2-story building, and
>> the phone is just resting on the top of my bag in a horizontal
>> position. The path is not especially strong; I see only one bar on the
>> signal strength meter. Yet thanks to the strong coding and inherent
>> multipath resistance of spread spectrum, the TCP packet loss rate is
>> nil -- even character-at-a-time typing works just fine.
>> Phil
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