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From: geraldj@ames.net
Subject: Re: Laport rhombic
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 22:33:55 -0600
I have a copy of Laport's article. By means of aircraft pattern measurements of an antenna designed for 8.5 mhz at 10.5 mhz, he claims 25 dbd. Ground effect is definitely happening in those measurements. I've not yet converted his data to something suitable for modeling. He points out that angles and lengths are critical to gain the reduced sidelobes that are the main quest of the design.

His long legs were 3.5 wavelengths at 8.5 mhz. Displayed patterns are good from 5.5 through 10.5 Mhz. about half as wide at 10 as at 5 mhz.

I want to run eznec a while before I make any other conclusions. I do bet that Laport's boss wished he had NEC instead of a couple days of airplane flying for testing...

I have concieved of a cats cradle design, but haven't yet modeled it.

73, K0CQ

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