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From: wd5ivd@tapr.org
Subject: Re: My Spread Spectrum Letter to FCC
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 16:28:23 -0600
At 10:30 AM -0600 11/29/96, Robert Carpenter wrote:
>Greg Jones, WD5IVD wrote:
>3) Having a running public record of operation under the STA is needed
>to lend much greater credibility to the results of the experiments -
>much to the benefit of TAPR. Even unintended secrecy in ham operations
>tends to be misinterpreted.

>5) Local discussions and non-STA participants are vital, as you clearly
>understand. Perhaps it would be a good idea to compile some record of
>non-STA-holder particiants. It, too, should be made available on the
>TAPR site.

The running public record will be carried a lot on the SS@TAPR.ORG list. Just as discussion is held here on the vhf list. Please feel free to join it (http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/sigs.html#listserv) and participate with the people looking into SS. I know that several on that list would benefit from some of the experiences people have had on the vhf list with antenna construction. Horz omni antennas are being discussed a lot right now in order to help the situation with the pagers and cellular sites above and below the 900Mhz testing. I am seeing pagers running at least 1500watts just above 928...wow!

>What I'm looking for is for enough information to be made public DURING
>the STA that TAPR will not be vulnerable to claims of biased or
>insufficient testing. By posting the information on a timely basis
>during the STA, TAPR will be largely protected against such claims, and
>general interest in, and knowledge of, SS should be increased. If I
>were TAPR, I'd want to post a short summary of tests and results under
>the STA on a monthly basis. I'd want to be sure that the posting was to
>the VHF Reflector as well as other similar non-TAPR places.

I think we will have posting and updates on the Web pages as STA stations make things available. The real push will be for the end report, which will be made fully available on the site when completed.

No matter what we do, or what approach we take, someone will call the STA biased and insufficient testing resulted. Thus, we will muddle along in our best manner and do things in the spirit of the hobby. I would hope that the many hours of research theory I have had in both my masters and now my doctorate will keep some from saying that the information which will be presented in both quantitative and qualitative format will be our best effort.

If anyone in the US wants to participate in the STA, please check http://www.tapr.org/ss The STA application form should be on-line in the next 7-15 days. I have finals about happen at UT, so something has to get pushed off the queue for the time being. Also, again if someone is operating in your area, please contact them and see how you might be able to help with what they are doing --- there is always a shortage of good test equipment and spectrum analyzers in every area. The more people will have working on things the better resources are available to all.

Cheers - Greg

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