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From: Sjolin@aol.com
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 10:12:37 -0500
In a message dated 96-12-07 02:42:02 EST, karn@qualcomm.com (Phil Karn) writes:

<< Actually, a long time ago I *was* into DX, but I quickly outgrew it. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)>>

Yes, we can be a wierd group. Every now and then I think I have outgrown it too but then I take a fall.


Actually I enjoy the keyboard. I operate RTTY, Amtor, Pactor and VHF packet. In fact I was on packet back in 84 when you had to build your own tnc.

If we lose our spectrum, as many predict, you may be able to produce computer simulation programs for us old dxers, including random noise and fading. <>


May happen but I actually can't imagine any commercial interests being interested in purchasing our HF allocations. I would think that VHF/UHF/SHF and satellites would be of more interest.


Is what hams are doing with SS really advancing the state of the radio art? I thought that the SS techniques in use by hams have been pioneered by commercial and military interests 20 years ago. Also I thought that much of the SS technology in current use was designed and built by commercial interests.

Promoting technical education?? I am not against that. I just question whether SS is a suitable starting point for increasing the education of most hams, since many probably can't understand the workings of a super het receiver. If you are referring to promoting the technical education of a handful of elitists <> at the expense of other hams who have no particular interest in SS, then I disagree. But this is only if it is at the expense of others. From what I have read on the reflectors lately, we seem to agree in protecting weak signal / satellite allocations from SS. I see no reason to protect FM repeater operations, not because I seldom use it, but because they are not going to notice SS unless signals are very weak and it interferes with the capture effect.

Phil, I find what you guys are doing with SS very interesting, just probably not something that I am going to want to rush into.

73 de Dave, N0IT

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