Marketing Plan

It is worth a little time to go over what marketing you expect to be done on your home and when it will be most effective. In a seller's market, spending more of your marketing money up front will expose your property to more buyers initially, with the expectation of getting many buyers early in the process. If it's a buyer's market, it might make more sense to market more slowly so that price changes and incentives can be updated and advertised as the market changes. What makes sense for one property may backfire on another. Emphasize the features of your property that make it appealing or unique. Review with your agent what is happening in the market and what to expect for the duration of your sale. Think of your home from a potential buyer's point of view, what makes your home special or the best value on the market right now?

Here is an example of some items you may see in a marketing plan for your home:

Marketing Plan for 10500 PineOaks Lane
A Comparative Market Analysis clearly defines the value of several recent sales in the Tall Pines subdivision in the $495,000 to $515,000 price range.

(week 1)






  • 110500 PineOaks Lane will be listed on NVAR MRIS with the asking price of $505,000.
  • Interior and exterior pictures will be part of the online listing
  • Remarks to include:
    • Stunning 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath single car garage town home
    • Open floor plan and eat-in kitchen with island
    • Master bedroom with cathedral ceiling
    • Cozy family room with lovely gas fireplace
    • Neutral décor and carpeting throughout
    • Motivated Seller
  • Internet access to your listing through,,, … (Expect your listing to display within one week, some websites may make your listing available that same day)

(week 2)


  • Door hangars posted throughout neighborhood
  • Open house advertised in the Washington Post
  • Send flyers to over 3000 brokers in the Northern Virginia area
  • Open House

(week 3)


  • Call all agents/buyers from open house or viewings of your home
  • Advertisement in the Local Paper
  • Flyers posted in local shops

(week 4)


  • Post cards mailed to renters (in the targeted monthly price range) in local and commuter locations
  • Consider a buyer incentive of $? and/or an agent incentive of $?
  • Call all agents/buyers from open house or viewings of your home

(week 5)

  • Compare market prices
  • Re-evaluate information in MRIS
  • Update MRIS, brochures and flyers with any new information price
  • Look at additional print advertising

(week 6)

  • Send flyers to brokers in the Northern Virginia area with new price information
  • Call agents/buyers from viewings of home
(week 7)
  • Flyers mailed to select Local residents
  • Open House
(week 8)
  • Call all agents/buyers from open house or viewings of your home
  • Review your listing information in MRIS for updates or enhancements
(week 9 until sale)
  • Evaluate with your agent which marketing techniques are effective in enticing buyers to come look at your home.
  • The three major factors considered for buying a home are location, condition and price.With the feedback from agents and buyers, what can you change to make your home the best value on the market?