Determine Time Frame

When should you list your property for sale?

Remember, it's hard to keep you home in "model home" condition while you're living there. If you have the time, remove unnecessary items so that your home will look larger, more neutral and will be easier to keep ready for showing. Allow 1-2 weeks after you choose a price for your home so that brochures may be printed, mailers sent, a brokers open scheduled, advertisements placed, ... . Use that extra time to clean out and clean up your home. Smells can be a determing factor for some buyers, make sure pet odors, mildew or cooking aromas are avoided. Put valuables away in safe places.

In early 2006, the Northern Virginia real estate market was adjusting to a more "typical" market. Prepare to wait for a contract. There are many quality homes on the market. With so many to choose from, a buyer can be very picky. It comes down to location, condition and price. Location is the only feature you can't change, be prepared to be flexible with the things you can change...condition and price.