Custom Electronics Designed and Built
by LHEnterprises


A self contained race car data acquisition system. This unit records video and data onto a thumb drive for review and analysis after an outing. On board data acquisition includes car supply voltage, 3 axis acceleration data, GPS data for location and speed, and 2 channels of video. External ports allow connection of analog and digital sensors, up to 4 cameras, and a data connection to the cars onboard computer. The main processor is a 486 System On a Chip running a small footprint of Linux. An auxiliary processor with a DSP core handles real time tasks and housekeeping. This unit was designed for a local customer and is currently being marketed. (link) LH Enterprises did the complete hardware design and our software partners have written all of the code.





SIGINT Interface Board

This board provides the interface between a remote digitizing antenna and local data processing equipment. Data from the antenna is transported to this board over a proprietary fiber optic link. The interface board then formats the data into ethernet packets for transmission to COTS computers where further processing and analysis is performed. The ethernet processing is based on a UBICOM RISK processor running at 100 MHZ providing a low power small footprint solution for this problem.




SIGINT Modules

Various modules are shown which were designed for a customer at NSA for in RF intercept applications. Shown are filters, A/D modules and digital interface modules. Highlights of these include sample rates up to 80 MHz and resolution on the slower systems up to 24 bits.


Video Chameleon

A self contained "engine" for point of sale information. This unit provides interactive video playback for product information and marketing applications. Video is stored on a compact flash card along with an interactive program to control the interactive experience. This box is based on a Motorola processor running uC Linux. Interfaces are provided for several types of touch screens and switches to allow user input. An ethernet port is provided for remote access and update of the unit. This unit was designed and marketed in house. Close to 10,000 units were built and deployed over a many year lifespan.


Alarm System/Video Display Controller

This box is the central controller used in the Walmart Camcorder Display unit. The unit provides detection of the customer selected camcorder via a photocell interface. A video player was then instructed to play a product specific clip. A touch screen interface is provided for interactive control of the video presentation. An alarm function is also included to alert store personnel of theft attempts. Custom molds were made to reduce packaging costs as this unit was deployed in thousands Walmart stores.