L H Enterprises
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Custom Digital Electronics:
The expertise of L H Enterprises' digital design experts has repeatedly provided cutting edge technology for rapid delivery at an excellent price.


Custom Analog Electronics:
L H Enterprises has over 20 years in Analog Hardware design experience. The full package is taken into consideration to the most efficient design is combined with the best layout and fit for the package specifications.


Software Process Refinement:
Consulting is available to help your company refine its software process. If software is error prone, and deliveries have old bugs that creep back into them, it's time for a process review. The steps involved in a reliable, repeatable software delivery should be helpful to those involved in the release, not a bother. How much money have you already invested in your software? How much money are you willing to invest in maintaining the integrity of that software?


Software Configuration Management:
Everyone loves a configuration manager. Well, maybe not. That's just the reason to have a consultant come in from the outside to gently persuade your software staff of the importance of repeatable and reliable code. Multiple projects with various deadlines and changing specifications add up to a lot of software tracking. Whether your tool of choice is SourceSafe, CVS or BCS, we can help create and environment that is useful and manageable for your developers.