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CRIMEFACE: RADIO NATION LULLABYE :Part One -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Writer/Creator :
DOSELLE YOUNG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Illustrators/Designers :
JEFFREY PARKER & JOEY ROBINSON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CRIMEFACE is a noir-influenced, super-hero/adventure series that addresses the changing of the guard between the darker pulp heroes of the 30's (Smith&Street's Doc Savage and The Shadow leap to mind) and the Golden-Age super-heroes of the 40's (beginning most notably with Superman). CRIMEFACE envisions a world in which the unforgiving pulp heroes of the Thirties continued to prosper into the modern day, stifling the rise of a "Golden Age"...until now.

Welcome to the Pulp Apocalypse, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the world of CRIMEFACE.

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"Radio Nation Lullaby". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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