Who are these guys, anyway?

Janine Ellen Young is the author of the new cyberpunk/fantasy novel, CINDERBLOCK, published by Roc/Penguin Books. Currently, Janine is a professor of Creative Writing at Santa Monica College and moonlights as an expert reader of the Tarot. Hailed by the late Theodore Sturgeon as the "most powerful" young writer of the 1979 Texas A&M writer's workshop, Janine has labored diligently to live up to that distinguished author's daunting praise ever since.

In case you're wondering, that's Janine on the far right of your screen.

Doselle Young is the co-publisher, creator and writer of CRIMEFACE, a damn fine four-issue b&w mini-series coming this fall from Caliber. After leaving behind a promising career as a fine arts major at the California Institute of the Arts, Doselle decided to follow a lifelong dream and write comic books. He has haunted the periphery of the comics industry ever since. His other published works are more or less a complete embarrassment but include "Buster's New Bike" for Warner Bros. International Publishing.

That's Doselle second from the right. Between the picture of the guy in the bar and the glamour shot of the Turkish Angora kitten.

And what's with the glamour shot of the Turkish Angora and who is that guy in the bar, anyway?

The Turkish Angora is named Anais and youÕll find she has the run of the Library and, if you were to visit us at home, you'd find she pretty much runs that, too. The guy in the bar is DoselleÕs father, Dorris Young. That's right. A man named Dorris. It's kinda like a Boy named Sue--but worse! Look for Dorris to make a lengthy appearance in his little brat's upcoming graphic novel, LETTERS TO BERNIE.

Janine's most FAQ

What's it like to live with Doselle?

Janine answers: I don't live with Doselle. I live with the great god Dionysus, Lord of Chaos and Misrule. Sometimes, I live with this three-year old who has lots of toys and wants his cookies and milk. And sometimes, I live with this geeky comic book collector whoÕs really smart but very shy. I also, on occasion, live with a completely fascist super-villain. Luckily, he doesnÕt want to rule me. Just the rest of the known universe.

Is he like that all the time?

Typically, yes.

What do the two of you talk about?

Doselle answers: Writing. What to get for dinner. Writing. How it is usually better to continue to talk about writing instead of getting dinner. Were we gonna get dinner? We were gonna get dinner, weren't we?

Where can I buy an autographed copy of CINDERBLOCK?

Right here, actually. Just send us an e-mail at libraryofchaos@mindspring.com and weÕll provide you with further instructions.

How long did it take Janine to write CINDERBLOCK?

Janine answers: About a year, really. But the writing process doesnt often feel like a linear experience. It felt like it took a lot longer. Sometimes, it feels like I'm writing it even as we speak.

Where did you find the inspiration for Ethelred?

A friend of mine owned a rabbit named Ethelred. He was the ugliest bunny I'd ever seen. I knew then that I had to put him in a book.

Doselle's most FAQ

Where's Janine?

Doselle answers: Usually the one with more common sense, Janine typically sticks closer to home--where it is likely to be safe.

What really happened at the 97 Wonder-Con in Oakland?

I'm not really certain, truth be told. The elements are as follows: Hendrix. Naked women on Telegraph Avenue. Beer. Body Piercing. Tequila. Crack Whore. Dim-Sum. Rental Car. Funny books. Beer. Mushrooms. Cool people. Dodge Van. San Francisco. And the strange secret of Steve Leiber. It's an X- File, people. And IÕve already said too much.

What is Danger Alley Publications?

Danger Alley Publications is the crime/adventure division of Hell-N-Earth Ink, Doselle's nascent story and character development empire. Danger Alley is responsible for CRIMEFACE and other spin-off titles. Look for further territorial conquests to appear in the near future.

When is CRIMEFACE coming out?

This fall, from the look of things. It is very difficult to produce an independent comic out-of-pocket when you are paying your artists and business manager. Also, CRIMEFACE is an intensive project in terms of the research it required, both for myself and the art team of Jeff Parker and Joey Robinson.

If you were trapped on a desert island and you could only take one book, what would it be?

A book of blank pages. That way, just maybe, I could actually get some work done.

Is your cat named after a perfume?

No. Our cat is named after Ana•s after Ana•s Nin, the erotica writer. Our cat's favorite toys are hazelnuts and cork & string. Her namesake's favorite toys are a matter of great literary debate but, to the best of my knowledge, included author Henry Miller and his wife, June.

Why is your father named Dorris?

To answer this question, I travelled all the way to East Texas to ask my ninety-seven year old grandmother, Nannie B. Henderson, who informed me that she, in fact, didn't name my father. No. The truth is my father was named by my great grandmother, a country doctor. When asked why the name "Dorris" was chosen, great grandma is quoted as saying: "Well. You gotta name 'em somethin'."


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