--------------------- AFTERMATHEMATIKS ---------------------

A Work-In-Progress science-fiction graphic novel by Doselle Young and photo illustrator Scott Ewen copyright Doselle Young and Scott Ewen 97

Intended as a mixed-media, deconstructionist graphic novel, AFTERMATHEMATIKS combines a number of eclectic influences including, but not limited to, the works of authors Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita),Jerry Siegel(Superman), R. Buckminster Fuller (The Critical Path), William Burroughs (Naked Lunch) and John Broome (Green Lantern). What you’ll see here will be some initial script pages by Doselle as well as some preparatory imagery by Scott. Over time, this section will evolve into a more comprehensive presentation of the work--hopefully including an AFTERMATHEMATIKS gallery as well completed pages.

Publishers interested in more information about this project can contact Doselle via e-mail at libraryofchaos@mindspring.com.

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