OLD AND NEW ON THE UNICOI ROAD. In this picture taken just across the Chattahoochee from today's Hofbrau Haus at the upper end of Helen, Leigh and Anna Gedney sit in the little wagon on the Unicoi Road while Henry Abernathy stands behind. After its construction in the 1810's through the heart of a great mountain wilderness, the Unicoi Road was the principal Southeastern route through the Cherokee Nation to the Tennessee settlements. In the Helen-Nacoochee area, portions of the road remained in use until the late 1930's, when it was replaced by the modern road (Highway 75) in the background. The Unicoi Road was travelled by Indians, traders, settlers, and adventurous tourists, who were joined by drovers with their cattle, sheep and even flocks of turkies. In over a century of use, the Unicoi Road saw everything from the soft foot-falls of Indians and the hard iron of wagon wheels to the narrow rubber tires of early automobiles and the clanking treads of Forest Service bulldozers.

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