Mitral Valve Prolapse and Nutrition

I was diagnosed with MVP almost 15 years ago. I had a lot of the symptoms listed here. My doctor prescribed a heart medication that was quite expensive and created additonal problems that concerned me. If you have been diagnosed with MVP because of the Fatigue, Palpations, Headaches, Chest Pain, Panic Attacks, and low energy levels or low blood pressure, you can do some things that should make a difference in how you feel. If you are not sure why you are having those symptoms, then check with your doctor. If at any time you were on the drug Phenfen, then see you doctor.

Drink Fluids - water, water, water. Try at least 2 quarts a day. Make sure your water source is pure. If you can't get a system to filter at least 97-99% of an assortment of pesticides, chemical and other contaminants, then get the next best thing. If you buy bottled water, choose the brand carefully. We have a link at the bottom for comparing filter types. It is important to get a lot of fluids. Natural Pure 100% Juices are OK to help meet the need for fluids.

It is helpful to avoid high fat foods and sugar. Complex Carbohydrates are essential for high energy. Convenience foods are a problem because they normally will not meet the nutrition requirements. Fruits and veggies are really best. Don't skip breakfast! Establish a regular eating schedule. This will help you avoid the ups and downs of energy levels.

Alcohol and Caffeine should be seriously avoided. The autonomic nervous system of a person with MVP is considered extremely sensitive to drugs. Caffeine is a major issue. It will give you a sudden boost of adrenalin and then a sharp drop. It is addicting and many people will get headaches when attempting to withdraw. So, for those people, remove from the diet gradually. Eliminating caffeine, could mean an increase of energy and a stabilizing effect on the autonomic nervous system. Soft drinks, chocolate, coffee, tea, wine, liquors, even some medications have been known to elevate symptoms.

Sugar is not good for people with MVP. The response to sudden increase in blood sugar causes an increase in insulin and then a sudden drop - lower than before the sugar intake. Honey fits into this category as well. Ever get hunger pangs when the sweets burn off? The "Roller Coaster" effect is very hard on the system. Sugars are addictive. Sometimes, lack of sugar intake for sugar-holics results in irritability, lack of sleep and a general sense of feeling bad. This is withdrawal. Try to work through the withdrawal and in a couple of weeks energy levels will increase. Keep the sugar intake to very small amounts and only on occasion. Support Tabs will help with those cravings.

Cardio Chelex in the morning and Support Tabs in the evening is a good combination. Each one supplies a particular combination of nutrients. The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine says that research shows 85 percent of patients with this ailment have chronic magnesium deficiency and that supplementation is helpful for improvements in heart function. It also states that research with Co-Q-10 in treating this and other heart disease is even more impressive.

Fats - Some women with MVP might have tenderness and swelling in breasts right before menstrual periods. Reduce dietary fat and caffeine. This has been reported by Lyn Frederickson, M.S.N. to assist greatly with the symptoms. You don't want the cholesterol clogging the arteries or valve areas either!

Sodium is necessary for proper bodily functions. Not getting enough salt seems to be a rare problem. Dr. Balch, M.D. is one of the authors of Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing. That book states that we need less than 500 milligrams of sodium a day to stay healthy. Excessive intake can cause fluid to be retained and may aggravate many medical disorders. Processed foods often contain excessive amounts of sodium. So, for many of us, it is best to say .....easy on the salt! You may find it helpful to check your salt intake by reading labels.

Your body requires a good balance of a wide variety of nutrients as more than one nutrient is required to support good health. When you have a lack in one part of the body, the whole body suffers. If there is a persistent lacking, your body will eventually suffer some form of degeneration or disease.

What you choose from the Life Plus Product Index might depend upon what your other health needs are. Because the supplements generally are applicable to more than one health issue, that will be a bonus!

We never diagnose or try to overrule the advise of your health care professional. But, we do believe that taking nutritional supplements is a major factor in good health and very beneficial. With that in mind,.......

I hope our information will help you make good choices. Below is a list of supplements that are very supportive of health.

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