Michigan Backflow Prevention Association
Educating the Public

A new first-of-its-kind video is now available from the Michigan Backflow Prevention Association. This educational tool is designed to be used while conducting public education seminars.

This 14-minute video is packed with valuable public education information. This is a must have for every video library.

The video was sponsored by the following organizations: BAVCO, Conbraco, FEBCO, Mid-West Instrument, Plumbing Heating Industry of Detroit, Watts Regulator, Zurn/Wilkins, Michigan Chapter ASSE, Eastern Michigan ASPE, and the Michigan Backflow Prevention Association.

The Michigan Association is making this video available to anyone who wishes to have a copy for a $5.00 donation plus $5.00 shipping and handling. The donation of $5.00 is to help offset the cost of reproduction. To get your copy, contact MBPA President, Ron Chapman at 313.337.1241 or e-mail: rjchapman@worldnet.att.net