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Adam Brouwer Berchoven (ca 1620-1693)




Spouse 1: Magdalena Jacobs Verdon   [Hoffman01 23:194]
Married: 21 March 1645, Dutch Reformed Church, New York, New York, USA. They registered their intention to marry on 19 March 1645. [Hoffman01 23:194]



Also Known As:

Born: ca 1620

Origin: Adam Brouwer Berchoven seems to have come from Cologne, Germany. According to Totten [Totten01 67:105], Adam Brouwer was described as "a young man from Ceulen [Cologne]" when he married Magdalena Jacobs Verdon. William Brower Bogardus (Anneke Jans and Everardus Bogardus Descendants Association, 1121 Linhof Rd., Wilmington, OH 45177-2917) has been working with Prof. Frijoff from the Amsterdam Free University on the question of Adam Brouwer's origin. Mr. Bogardus wrote in his Holiday Season 1997 "Dear 'Cousin'" letter: "Incidentally, for those who have been seeking the correct parents and ancestry of Adam Brouwer (proof of those already allegedly identified not having been presented)... there is a very high probability that Adam was not only from Cologne but also of German rather than Dutch origin. His birth name may have been "Adolph" and it is possible that the Berchoven name had nothing to do with his family's origin at all."

Immigrated: First to Brazil in 1641, on the ship Swol (serving as a soldier for the Dutch West India Company), then to New Netherland in 1642. [Hoffman01 23:194]

Occupation(s): Dutch West India Company soldier. With his business partner Isaac de Forest, built and operated a flour mill at Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York. [Hoffman01 23:195]

Died: 1693

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