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Spring Co-Rec Season Begins in April

Organizing for the Spring, 2013 softball season is now in progress

Sunday games with playoffs. Games start early April.

The Co-Rec Division will have five to seven teams.

Contact Durham Softball League 919-493-1238 or send email to register and for more information.

Note: Fall 2012 season has been suspended.

Durham Softball League Fall 2011 Season

Fall 2011 Co-Rec Final Standings

Sunday, September 11
Letter after team name refers to team name in the schedule

1. Dug Deep (F) 5 - 0

2. Superstars (D) 3 - 2

3. Mellow Mushroom (B) 3 - 2

4. ETS (A) 2 - 3

5. Duke Brain Docs (E) 2 - 3

6. Yates Baptist (C) 0 - 5

The Co-Rec Tournament determines the Co-Rec League Champions - holders of the Championship Team Trophy

Dug Deep - 2011 Fall Season Champions

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Fall 2011 Game Schedule

Co-rec Slow Pitch

Letter before team name refers to team name in the schedule
The Teams: (A) ETS (B) Mellow Mushroom (C) Yates (D) Superstars (E) Duke Brain Docs (F) Dug Deep

2:00 Game
3:00 Game
4:00 Game

August 7
F def C
D def A
B def E

August 14
D def C
B def A
F def E

August 21
F def B
A def C
E def D

August 28
F def D
A def E
B def C

September 11
D def B
F def A
E def C

September 18
Championship Sunday

September 18 Playoffs, Championship Sunday
Game One 2:00 #5 Duke Brain Docs def #6 Yates
Game Two 3:00 #1 Dug Deep vs Winner Game One Duke Brain Docs
Game Three 4:00 #4 ETS def #3 Mellow Mushroom
Game Four 5:00 #2 Superstars vs Winner Game Three ETS
Game Five 6:00 Winner Game Two Dug Deep def Winner Game Four Superstars

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The Co-Rec Tournament determines the Co-Rec League Champions - Dug Deep - holders of the Championship Team Trophy.
Higher seed is home team in all playoff games.
Note: a player must have played in at least one game with his/her team to be eligible to play in the tournament unless both teams agree otherwise.
Note: a player may play with one team in the tournament unless both teams agree otherwise.
Note: Regular season Time Limit and Slaughter Rule apply in all games.
Head to head competition determines position in case of ties.

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Release: Acceptance into the Durham Softball League and playing in any League games or participating in any related activities means that all participants and spectators agree to waive, absolve, and hold free of liability the Durham Softball League, its organizers, sponsors, umpires, and supervisors from any claim arising out of injury received while playing, practicing, or traveling during the Fall, 2011 season.

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Sunday, August 19: There are no cancellations at this time

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