Dolphin Smalltalk

I enjoy programming and I enjoy the Smalltalk programming language the most. For several years I've been using Object Art's Dolphin Smalltalk. Here are some of the things I've written up to share with others.

Capture Window

For end-users and developers, Capture Window is used to capture all or part of the display screen as an image. The captured image may be saved to the clipboard and/or a file, and it may be previewed and edited before it's saved.


For developers, Gdiplus is a Dolphin package that provides access to Microsoft's GDI+ Windows graphics library, which has some capabilities not found in the older GDI API.

Ini Files

For developers, this package provides an easy way to save and restore the state of an application's views and options using “ini” text files. For example, you can easily save and restore an application’s size and position, listview column sizes, splitter proportions, fonts, and other settings.

Nickel Viewer

For end-users, Nickel Viewer facilitates viewing, organizing, and printing images. Tools provided include a Thumbnails viewer, a Slides viewer, a Layout viewer for easy printing, and a Collage viewer for the creative enthusiast.

Personal Money Tutorial Extensions

For developers, six tutorials using Object Arts' “Personal Money” application as the basis, each extending it somehow and dealing with various aspects of the Dolphin implementation.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, corrections, etc., please let me know.

Louis Sumberg.

Do take advantage of the various support resources available. At a minimum, these include the

In addition, a must-see is Ian Bartholomew's Home Page. Ian has created many useful addins for Dolphin, as well as tutorials and links.

Visit other Dolphin Smalltalk websites.