Licensed under OpenBSD license.

The Gdiplus package is a Dolphin wrapper around the Microsoft GDI+ graphics library. For those interested in graphics, Gdiplus is worth exploring - there is a lot of meat to it. All classes and most methods have comments. There are over a hundred examples that are easy to run and illustrate various capabilities, including gradients, image manipulation, alpha blending, and transformations. You can see some example output here.

Gdiplus is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Blair McGlashan, Steve Waring, Dan Antion, and me.

To install and use Gdiplus,

  1. Download the base Gdiplus package and a handful of extension, sample, and test packages, extract them into a single directory (e.g., Gdiplus), and install them in your image.
  2. Download the Microsoft Windows GDI+ runtime file only if you are NOT running Windows XP. If you are running under Windows XP, skip this step since Windows GDI+ runtime files are already there. Note that this is a Microsoft site and your browser may be redirected to another page, so give it a few seconds. Look for "GDI+ RTM" - that page has the file (gdiplus_dnld.exe) to download. When prompted to install, click "Browse" and choose your windows directory. You can determine your windows directory by displaying in a workspace: SessionManager current windowsDirectory.
If you have questions, comments, suggestions, corrections, etc., please let me know.

Louis Sumberg.