Camp Upton/Fort Upton Historic Football Records

Yaphank, N.Y.

Postcard photo of recruits practicing football at Camp Upton.
Camp Upton
            Camp Upton 77th Division team coached by Frank Glick
 L 10-42   Fordham  (not varsity) Division team?
Nov. 14   ?  Away   Columbia University, at South Field
Nov. 24  L    0-7     Camp Devins (Ayers, Mass.), at the Polo Grounds  5,000
            Camp Upton 305th InfantryRegimental team
Nov. 24  L 17-25  Away   Patchogue High School
            Camp Upton 302nd Engineers Regimental team
Nov. 29  L    0-35  Away   Fordham  (first defeat)
Oct. 19  W 27-0  Home   Camp Upton 2nd string
Oct. 26  T    0-0   Field #2, Garden City
Nov. 2  W   6-0   Mitchel Field Aviators Wing, at the Polo Grounds
Nov. 9  W   7-0  Home   Bayshore Naval Air Station
Nov. 16  L   7-28   Princeton S.A.T.C., at the Polo Grounds  15,000
Nov. 23  W 39-0  Home   Camp Mills [Brigade Field]  (39-3?)
Nov. 30  T   7-7   Camp Dix, at City Athletic Field, Newark
Civilian Conservation Corp (C.C.C.), Company 238, Camp Upton
 1935 Coach- Captain Roddy
Oct. 16 scrimmage  Away   Tau Omegas (semi-pro), at Freeport Municipal Stadium
Oct. 20  W 13-12   Brooklyn Presidents
Nov. 24  ?   C.C.C., Co. 275, Moravia, at Dyckman Oval
Camp/Fort Upton
Oct. 25  W   7-0  Home   Flushing Maroons
Nov. 1  L   0-32  Away   Fort Monmouth
Nov. 8  T   7-7  Away   Long Island Anthonians, at Firemen's Memorial Field, Valley Stream
Nov. 14   ?  Away   Fort Totten  (doubtful)
Nov. 29  canceled  Away   Paterson Panthers

Note: The above list is incomplete and still being researched. For instance, the 10/25/1942 win over the Flushing Maroons was reported in the North Shore Evening Journal, the 11/8/1942 tie with the Anthonians reported in the Nassau Daily Review-Star. 1917 is obviously incomplete. The Base periodicals are not extant, the few that remain are for just a few months in 1917 and 1918. The 1935 C.C.C. team must have played more games.

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