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  Poems For The Whole Family
Daniel Krakauer
86 pages, paperback
ISBN 0-935992-00-6
The first full-length collection by a legendary New York poet.
"Daniel Krakauer is a son of the European 20th Century, which has endured in his character since his arrival in New York in 1952. He brought with him a gentle and childlike mix of idealism and nihilism, sensitive to the transitional essence of living and conjuring it up with mischief and poignancy.

when you wake up in the morning
the meanings of the meanings change
it is a difficult moment

His skepticism is not mistaken for vision; there is no other place but here, although there are S-F fantasy locations he describes as equally baffling. No conclusions are drawn; nothing is more important than anything else.

I felt a glimpse of some unmistakable philosophical
implications that quite eluded me. I'd
figure it out some other time—I wanted
to make a phone call.
-The Sound and No Fury

Krakauer's style is somewhere between automatic writing and crafted satire. His is a narrative voice seasoned with nonsense. Some of the tones of detective and science fiction adapt well to his usage. The hardboiled and the preposterous dovetail with his reality but never supersede the awareness of physical longing, which is not made in heaven. What he is about is alertness and knowing. It is astonishing how contemporary his poetry continues to be, especially those poems written before 1960." John Godfrey

Cover by Dave Barkin