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  Another Smashed Pinecone
Bernadette Mayer
83 pages, paperback
ISBN 0-935992-20-0
A new collection of poems, consisting of previously unpublished work dating from 1975-1993, by one of the premiere experimental writers of the last twenty years. Described by The Washington Post as "one of the most original writers of her generation," Mayer is the author of The Bernadette Mayer Reader (New Directions), Proper Name (New Directions), Mid-Winter Day (Turtle Island), The Golden Book of Words (Angel Hair), Sonnets (Tender Buttons), The Desire of Mothers to Please Others in Letters (Hard Press), and numerous other collections of prose and poetry.

"A poet of extraordinary inventiveness, erotic energy and challenge, and ironic intelligence." Michael Palmer

"Mayer's work is marked with Dorothy Parker's bite and bawdiness and Gertrude Stein's inventive discourse." The Antioch Review

"One of the most interesting, exciting and open of late-20th-century experimental poets. Mayer pleads the case of a natural state of passionate grace and surprising vision whose mimetic signature is the lively unpredictable richness of her verbal surfaces." Tom Clark, San Francisco Chronicle

Cover by Sophia Warsh