Before Side View


Before Front View

1970 Chevy C10 Pickup



The truck appears to have the original 350 V8.  The odometer shows 60,000 miles, but that is probably 160,000 or 260,000 miles.

After getting the truck home, I found it very hard to start.  So I put on a Holley Street Avenger 670 CFM 4 barrel carburetor.

This truck would have originally had a points-type distributor.  This has already been changed over by a previous owner who put in a GM HEI distributor.  Somehow, this distributor is one of the only GM HEI distributors without a tachometer connection.  So I will change this to a newer HEI ignition.

When I bought the truck, I knew the radiator had a hole near the top.  So I replaced it with an aluminum radiator from DeWitts.  I got a radiator that was painted black to look like it was stock.

During the radiator install, the thermostat and radiator hoses were replaced.  The original thermostat had started coming apart, and was partially open, so it was a good thing that the thermostat was replaced.


Bad Thermostat


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