Before Side View


Before Front View

1970 Chevy C10 Pickup



I did not intend to change the wiring that much. But over the years, radio installs had messed up the dash wiring a little bit.  I needed to wire in the new gauges.  And I needed to wire an electric choke to the carburetor.  So I will eventually replace all the wiring.  At that time, I will probably wire for an electric fuel pump and an electric cooling fan.

Running Lights

Back when this truck was made, the front grill running lights were white.  The truck had a clear lens and a clear bulb.  So I replaced the bulb with a yellow bulb and the original clear lenses to keep the original look of the grille.  It should be noted that the side marker lights do not flash with the turn signals - that is the way they were made in 1970.


The starter is a gear reduction starter from DB Electrical.

Battery Cables

The battery cables that were on my vehicle were only 4 gauge, and both the positive and negative cables were black.  I got new 2/0 cables from Custom Battery Cables.  The positive cable is 62" long with a 90 degree bent 3/8" HD lug for the starter connection, and a 12" 10 gauge pigtail with a 1/4" lug for the charging connection.  The negative cable is 42" long with a 3/8" HD lug that connects to the engine block, and there is a 5/16" 10 gauge pigtail that connects to the radiator support near the battery.

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