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So, hey there!

This is a page devoted mostly to sites I like and recommend, for whatever reason.

First on the list, our wedding and honeymoon pages! Yep, we still look at them on a regular basis...and we'd love to share them with out friends.

I'd also like to mention, early on, one of my all-time favorite sites, Gael Cooper's Pop Culture Junk Mail. I love that site!

A great many of the links I have listed here have come from Gael's page. So many, in fact, that I'm not sure I could properly identify each and every one. So, a big thanks to Gael for some great reading and entertainment.

I know people who write books. Books that have been published, even. I happen to be married to one of them, Matt Riggsby. He's quite proud of the fact that at least one of his books is outselling that of his older brother, Andrew (that's Dr. Riggsby to you). Tim Neely is a good friend of mine, and a published author, as well. Tim works for Goldmine Magazine, and has written many books for them, including the Goldmine Magazine Record Buyer's Guide. Support these guys. Buy all the books you can eat.

If you want this page to look a little more hip (the way we see it), you can download the cool retro fonts it calls for. Look for Air Conditioner and fontdinerdocom.