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We manage the pregnancy at the Lisa Ross Birth and Women's Center, although because of complications we had to deliver at the hospital. We also hired a doula to assist with the birth: Kimberly McLaughlin. You may ask "What's a doula?" This should help.

Alex immediately after birth

His favorite place to sleep

Yes, he sleeps a lot.

Born, apparently, to be a Pirates fan.

With his paternal great-grandmother

My two favorite guys. Aren't they cute?

The puppies seem to tolerate him fairly well

Alex on the move

He's taken to devouring books

With his maternal great-grandmother

Visiting his great-grandfather's grave

With his other great-grandfather

Yes, sleeping again

Playing games

Still getting along with the puppies

And sleeping again

Standing up!

More standing

Alex at six months, one week

Alex at about 14 months, looking at you.

Here, have this.

Walking around

Running around

Big smile!

Defying gravity

Such tolerant puppies...

Go on; try to resist me.

Alex and his daddy

Be nice!

He likes to pretend it's the TV remote

Alex, at his belated birthday party, in a forty+ year-old high chair

Whaddya lookin' at?