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Seems to be a lot of these floating around. I can confidently say I got most of these from the Pop Culture Junk Mail site...but now you can get a bunch in one place.

A whole bunch of new quizes, mostly of what kind of (fill in the blank) are you variety:
What video game character am I?
Useless personality quiz
What kind of mythical beast am I?
What natural disaster am I? (Matt was a wildfire. Not surprising; he's not allowed to play with matches in the house or anywhere else.)
What will the results of this quiz be?
Which high school stereotype are you?
What's my pirate name? Arrr!
Which Enterprise character are you?
Which Care Bear are you?
Which Naria book are you?
Which empowered female vocal artist are you?
Which Friends character are you?

Pages of quizzes:

These have been here for a while:
Which Peanuts character are you? They tell me I'm Linus. Better than Lucy, I suppose.
What kind of villain are you? I'm an evil mastermind, apparently. Mmmwah-ha-ha-ha.
I wanted to be Wonder Woman, but I stopped growing around the seventh grade. I'll just have to make up my own Super Hero. This try got me the astonishing Blue Comet, the valorous Major Droid, the majestic Stone Warrior, the daring Shrinking Walker, and (huh?) the adjective-less Frog Fury. Now, that's just weird.
From the great McPhee store (Matt and I spent lots of money there during our train-ride-to-Seattle trip); are you a nerd? Well, my husband surely is.
Want to know if you really are losing your marbles? Take the sanity test.
What kind of pet are you? Why? Does your dog need a playmate?


I'm not really sure how to categorize these, I invented a category. It's called, "Whatever's left over".
James Bond is the epitome of cool. Want to live the life of a super spy? Here's how.
Want to know where your favorite stars are buried? This site is for you.
While in many ways a modern woman, I tend to be a bit old-fashioned, as well. One things for sure: I prefer eras where women could look like women, and not Holocaust survivors. Calista Flockhart does nothing to help woman today achieve, and maintain, self-esteem. No, give me the gals of yesterday, when having curves was an asset, not a reason to diet.
I don't care what you say. I think Elvira is wonderful! Her site is pretty darn cool, too.
Oh, fellows...did I mention that there are PICTURES????