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What can I say? I love Doris Day. (Yes, I know that rhymes.) She's one of my all-time favorite entertainers. And the poor woman has to live with this: Her son, record producer Terry Melcher, was renting his house to Roman Polanski and his wife, Sharon Tate. If you're over the age of five, you know it was here that Sharon, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger (coffee heiress), Voytek Frykowski and Steven Parent were murdered by the Manson family; allegedly because Charlie was angry with Melcher for not giving him a record deal. Scary stuff.

Posters galore. Really. I checked out the music section; it was rather jarring to see belly-baring Britney (like the alliteration?) flanked by images of the Rat Pack.

Speaking of the Rat Pack, here's a site devoted to Frank, Dean, Sammy and the rest (kind of like the Professor and Mary was so easy to leave them out).

The church where Alice lived (you remember Alice?) is now the Guthrie Center.

Of course I'm not promoting the infringement of copyright laws... This site has rock concert videos for sale. Bummed you missed the Beatles in action, or Hendrix died before you were even born? Here's your chance to experience the shows for yourself.

As difficult as it is for me to pick a favorite musician, I can narrow it down some. Jackson Browne has an official site and some unoffical ones. A couple of others are Fleetwood Mac and the Dave Matthews Band.