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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. What can I say? I miss Pennsylvania. Keep up with Pittsburgh news.

While you're at it, you can see what's shaking in my hometown, the metropolis of St. Marys.

This is pretty simple. Weather site.


Yep, I 'm a bit of sports fan. Grew up that way, watching Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers games with my grandparents. I'm basically into the 'big 3', baseball, football, and hockey.You can be a fan from home, just like me...sometimes, I really like technology.

Home page for the Major League Baseball site. This is the farthest I've ever lived from a major league baseball stadium, and the only way I can catch a baseball game of any kind is through Now they've included video. You can watch games on your computer!

The official site of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Not to be overly optimistic, but this year, things actually look good.

Living outside Pennsylvania, very few Steelers games were televised here. I kept up with the action via the official web site. If you take away the fact that I was listening to the radio feed of a Pittsburgh-based game broadcast over the Internet, I almost felt kind of old-fashioned. Huh.

Official site of the Pens. You enter the main site after selecting your bandwidth. If you have a slow connection, don't even think about going for the second choice!

Lee Foster was a family friend of my step-Dad's. Once my Mom got him (Bill) into running, he not only took off (sorry, sorry) with it, he took on the challenges of an officer in the Striders (local running club), and organizing the Lee Foster Memorial 5k Run. I think he's doing a pretty good job, too.

Hoaxes and Urban Legends

Next time you get one of those 'please e-mail this to fifty of your closest friends, so we can find/save this child', check it our here, first. Odds are, it's a hoax.

This site is useful in debunking the 'Bill Gates, Victoria's Secret, etc, are giving us money just for passing this around' e-mails. I'm married to an Alpha-geek; trust me, you CAN NOT track e-mails!

This site list hoaxes in alphabetical order, so if you get one of those 'Hotmail users, if you don't do (fill in the blank), you'll lose your account' message, this is a good place to look before you panic.

This site pretty much covers everything else.