This feature set is nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

So hang on to your seat and check out this list of features

Create Animated GIFs
Total control over Animated GIF files.Get rid of all those shareware programs Fireworks smokes them all
Vector Graphics

The Perfect tool to complement Freehand. Fireworks also sports some awesome drawing tools as well including Bezier Curves and the awesome Freeform tool just like the one in Freehand 8

Editable Text
You can type your text in and go back and edit it any time that you wish.
Javascript Rollovers
You can set up Javascript rollovers right in Fireworks. It generates the HTML and no scripting on your part. Less scripting time.
Image Maps
Another awesome feature take control of your image maps and quit worrying about shareware
Brushes and Textures
Like Painter ? You will love Fireworks. There are tons of things you can do with the many patterns and textures in Fireworks or make your own
Batch Conversion
Need to do a batch conversion and don't have Debabelizer. You can do it in Fireworks
Effects Palette
The Effects palette is incredible. There are drop shadows,glows, and set up those Javascript rollovers the easy way.
Export Wizard
Take the guesswork out of Web graphics.The Export Wizard lets you know how long it will take for your graphics to load

There are many more features than this. I'll list them as time permits