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What Is Aikido?

Aikido, the art of peace, is a less violent form of martial arts developed in the early 1900's. The name Aikido means the way of harmonizing the spirit.

Blending with attacks using smooth, circular motions and learning proper falling and rolling techniques, the objective of Aikido is to avoid being hurt and to neutralize the attacker, preferably without injuring them.

A Lighter Workout

Aikido is practiced at your own pace and leaves you feeling energized at the end of the workout, instead of being totally exhausted. As your technical expertise grows and you begin to move faster, your conditioning, general health, and well being improves as well.

You Work Your Mind as Well

The effects of everyday stress melt away as you learn to perform this mentally stimulating, highly refined art form. Many who practice Aikido often describe it as a "state of grace," or "moving meditation."

Aikido is Non-Competitive

Practiced in the spirit of mutual cooperation, the focus of Aikido is to enhance agility, flexibility, balance, and mental acuity while maintaining a general state of health and wellness. Self defense is practiced in a non-competitive manner.

Perfect For The Mature Adult

Aikido can be done well beyond the age limitations for starting high impact kicking and punching arts because it doesn't rely on physical attributes that may be beyond the limitations of mature adults. Developing extreme flexibility for kicking, for example, is not a requirement for Aikido. Toughening the hands, feet, forearms, and shins to give and absorb blows is not necessary.

Get 2 Weeks Free and a DVD!

Simply show up a little early with some workout clothis and try out our Aikido program free and without obligation. Keep as a free gift the companion DVD.

Classes held Mon, Wed, Fri at 5:30 PM




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