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recent events

Sep, 2005

Henry and Mr. Baker train with yet another world champion at a seminar in San Antonio, Texas.


The seminar in San Antonio with Kyra Gracie helped us to refine our moves, especially in working the guard. It was a short seminar, but because of all the other events going on, there were only 16 students in attendance. Needless to say, we got a lot of personal attention.

For those unaware, Kyra Gracie won the women's division in the Abu-Dhabi world grappling tournament held this year in California. She is known for her devastating guard game. The Abu-Dhabi is considered as big as the Olympics worldwide for grappling competitors, and is normally held in a different country each year.

Although a world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of only 20, I suspect we will see many great things from Kyra in upcoming years. She is currently a brown belt in the gracie system and training in New York. Her next fight is this November. Good Luck and thanks for the training Kyra!

Sep, 2005

Doel gets his hand raised in victory after winning one of his four matches by submission at a competition in Dripping Springs.

Now with four matches under his belt, Doel is off and running! Winning one of his matches by submission in competition at the Dripping Springs tournament has spurred his training on, and now he plans to compete at the Battle of H-Town in Houston later this month. Good job and good luck Doel!



Jun, 2005

Henry, Franklin, Mr. Baker, Michael and Paul pose with UFC Champion Randy Couture (center) at the TKS Martial Arts training seminar in Baytown, Texas.

It was a real privilege to train with a 3 time alternate for the US Olympic Team in wrestling.

The Randy Couture seminar in Baytown left us a little sore and a lot wiser when it comes to the double leg takedown.

Mr. Couture definitely knew his stuff and gave us some great insights to his approach to MMA, demonstrating his blend of western kickboxing and Greco-Roman wrestling techniques. He even spoke about his psycholigical approach to both training and competition, and gave us a breakdown on his training regiment and the nutrtion plan he uses to help him become the cardio machine he is.

After each day of the seminar, he even rolled with several people, doing back to back matches with no rest in between! Not bad for a man in his forties. It just goes to show you what you can achieve with clean living! Needless to say, we listened closely to everything he had to say.

His down to earth personality and general demeanor showed us that he is a true champion and role model in every sense of the word. What a great sportsman and what a great seminar!

Visit the Randy Couture homepage...click here

Mar, 2005

The tournament crew and competitors who attended the West Texas Submission Championships in Midland.

Three of our four competitors took first place in their division. Scott went on to win his first two fights in the pro division of the no-gi competition. The tournament was a little smaller than expected, but because this was the first time for most of our grapplers, it was a great one to get started on.


Mr. Baker, Royce Gracie, John MacMurdo, and Rudy Soto at the TKS Martial Arts training seminar in Baytown, Texas.

John MacMurdo and Mr. Baker were promoted to blue belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu by Royce Gracie himself.

The Royce Gracie seminar in Baytown was great! The team brought home lots of new technical specs on everything from guard passes, chokes, and armbars, to positioning on stacks and control in the top mount. We also got some good rolling sessions in with the TKS Team and the Royce Gracie Team from Brownsville.

Royce Gracie was friendly and his teaching style was fantastic! Usually, one doesn't expect someone who fights so well to be so good at teaching, but the whole seminar was well organized, highly technical, and jam-packed with good techniques, while remaining perfectly understandable to any level of student.

After the first day of techniques and grappling, Royce promoted a few people at the seminar on the spot! What an honor to receive ranking from the man that made BJJ and the UFC famous in America! Congratulations to all who moved up, and also to Rudy, who made blue belt shortly thereafter!

Visit the Royce Gracie homepage...click here



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