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Here are some valuable resources to help you along your journey into and through the martial arts. Many of these articles are written from other sources and gleaned from hundreds we have researched across the internet. These are the best we have found.

Easing the Teasing
What every parent should know to help their children cope with teasing and peer pressure.
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Starting Your Children in the Martial Arts
What to expect when your child starts martial arts training and how to help them succeed. [ new window ]

How to Choose a Martial Arts Program I
Here is a great article on choosing a martial arts program. [ new window ]

How to Choose a Martial Arts Program II
Another good article on how to choose a program. [ new window ]

How to Choose a Martial Arts Program III
Yet another good article on choosing a program. [ new window ]

Traditions in the Martial Arts: How to Fold Your Uniform
An interesting article...very Zen. [ new window ]

You and the Law - A Defensive Perspective
Legal aspects of self defense written by a lawyer. Good stuff. [ new window ]

The Real Weapons Tradition
Why traditional weapons of the martial arts aren't really traditional. Makes some valid points...interesting for those of us that do weapons. [ new window ]

Myths of the Martial Arts Part I
The truth about martial arts organizations. Should you join a school that belongs to one? [ new window ]

Myths of the Martial Arts Part II
Fact or fantasy. A collection of falsehoods that people often use to sound like they know what they are talking about. [ new window ]

More articles to be online soon.


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