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Hotel designs have typically included all living and support facilities such as parking decks, restaurants, lounges, meeting room, swimming pools, tennis courts, exercise rooms and other recreational facilities.

Terrace Garden Inn - Atlanta, Georgia

Castle Hotel International Blvd. - Orlando, Florida


Hyatt Regency Hotel - Nashville, Tennessee

Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites Hotel - Downtown Washington, D.C.

Embassy Suites Hotel - Perimeter Center, Atlanta, Georgia

Embassy Suites Hotel - Raleigh, North Carolina


Atlanta Hilton Hotel and Towers - Atlanta, Georgia (Associate Architect Wong & Tung of Hong Kong)

Hilton Hotel Airport - Tampa, Florida

Hilton Inn Northlake - Atlanta, Georgia

Hilton Inn Northwest - Atlanta, Georgia

Hilton Hotel - Tallahassee, Florida

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Brentwood - Nashville, Tennessee

Days Inn

Days Inn Resort Hotel - Hollywood Beach, Florida

Quality Suites

Quality Suites at Old Town - Kissimmee, Florida

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