Following is a listing of magazine descriptions. This is only a partial list of the magazines we have to offer. This listing is only provided as an aid to our current catalog.

ACTION PURSUIT GAMES - Covers the sport of paintball. Includes games, strategies, personalities, and equipment.

ADVENTURE WEST explores the diverse pursuits available in the west. From travel and gear information to outdoor recipes, Adventure West will guide you on your latest venture.

AIR AND SPACE SMITHSONIAN - Beautiful, general magazine for the general public in the realm of air and space. It emphasizes the people involved in the aerospace enterprise and the practical and intellectual benefits of our ability to fly. From old to new tech.

ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY brings its readers hours of entertainment through its spine-tingling mix of mystery and suspense. The magazine seeks and develops the newest talent in the mystery field, and has published the work of world renowned mystery writers such as John Lutz, Loren D. Estleman and Charlotte MacLeod.

AMERICAN BABY - Covers the basics of baby care, maternal health, early learning and pre-nursery education. Includes new products and services such as toys and fashions.

AMERICAN ASTROLOGY is well known for its long standing tradition of articles based on scientific fact, in-depth analysis of monthly signs, and yearly forecasts are just a few of the features that separate American Astrology from the rest.

AMERICAN HEALTH - Research-based news magazine on health, fitness and medicine

AMERICAN HERITAGE - All aspects of our heritage. From politics to business, the arts, culture, media and travel.

AMERICAN HISTORY ILLUSTRATED - A magazine of culture, social, political, and military history for a general audience.

AMERICAN PHOTO - This magazine of creative photography profiles photographers and their pictures.

AMERICAN WOODWORKER - America's fastest growing woodworking magazine -- hands-on woodworking techniques and tips. In-depth coverage of new tools and products, and the best projects you will find in any workshop magazine.

ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION - SCIENCE FACT - Short stories filled with factual information about our environment, space and other leading topics.

ANIMALS' AGENDA - is a dedicated magazine to informing people about animal rights and cruelty-free living for the purpose of inspiring action for animals. Animals' Agenda is committed to serving - and fostering cooperation among - a combined audience of animal advocates, interested individuals, and the entire animal rights movement.

AQUARIUM FISH - About freshwater and saltwater aquariums and ponds and pond fish. General topics on aquariums and fish keeping and specific topics relating to use of equipment and care of species of fish.

ATLANTIC MONTHLY - An eclectic mix of the thinking and writing from a variety of minds. Editorial focuses on contemporary, social and cultural issues through commentary, criticism, fiction and humor.

AUDIO - For stereo enthusiasts interested in mid-to-high-end in-depth equipment. Includes reviews on equipment. LP records, and CD's for the guidance of readers. Features include car stereo, digital technology, new products and exclusive interviews.

AUDIO VIDEO INTERIORS - For consumers who want to know what audio or video products best fit their budget and lifestyle.

AUDUBON MAGAZINE - Covers environment, wildlife and preservation of wildlife habitat.

AUTOMOBILE - Provides entertaining and informative coverage of automotive subjects, from road tests and new car reviews to vintage car collecting.

AVIATION HISTORY - magazine chronicles man's dream of flight...from our earliest attempts to today's Mach 5 jets. Every issue of this bi-monthly magazine is bursting at the seams with full-color photographs, beautiful paintings, and articles written from an insider's point of view.

BACKPACKER - The magazine of wilderness travel that offers the practical "you can do it--here's how" advice you need to enjoy every trip you take. Each issue is filled with the best places, gear and information for all kinds of hiking ad camping trips. Includes fold-out maps and stunning color photography.

BARBIE MAGAZINE - For 6-12 year old girls whose focus is interests, concerns, and love for all things Barbie. Highlights include the latest news on Barbie and Barbie products, and upcoming events in kid's entertainment.

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - Covers the home and family to help readers live better and buy better.

BICYCLE GUIDE - The complete cycling enthusiast magazine.

BICYCLING - Get the latest information on new bike designs, methods of training, bike tours and cycling for fitness from the world's No. 1 cycling magazine.

BIRD BREEDER has advised pet owners and breeders since 1928. The magazine provides up-to-date information on the breeding, health care, nutrition, and training of parrots, cockatiels, budgies, canaries, and finches. The extensive use of outstanding color photos has made this magazine a favorite with companion bird enthusiasts.

BLACK BEAT - covers the black music scene, includes articles on soul, rock, rap and a variety of male and female artists.

BLACK ELEGANCE is a uniquely beautiful editorial concept which has been developed to spotlight the special qualities and achievements of modern, mature black women. Hairstyle pages, fashion and beauty, health, diet, and fitness articles, and lifestyle pages full of great ideas on money management, home and decor, food, and travel fill each issue.

BLACK ENTERPRISE - features business service information for black professionals and entrepreneurs.

BOATING - For powerboat and power-yacht enthusiasts, salt or freshwater. Boats, engines, outboards, electronics, and accessories, seamanship, financing and maintenance of boats. Features boat tests, new products and commentary on problems. Also fishing, racing etc.

BOATING WORLD is the premier powerboating magazine for owners of boats up to 30 feet in length! This niche represents 95% of today's boaters. It keeps active family boaters abreast of best boat buys, cruising adventures, exciting fishing and watersports activities, and the latest gear and accessories for boating fun and safety. It offers advice on all aspects of boating, from selecting and equipping a new craft to maintaining it for life.

BODY, MIND, SPIRIT - News and information on all aspects of New Age, from spirit channeling to nutritional supplements.

BOW AND ARROW - Concentrates on bow hunting with emphasis on North American species.

BOWHUNTING - For the bow hunting enthusiast.

BOWHUNTING WORLD - contains technical information, bowhunting and target shooting features, and interviews with personalities.

BUSINESS WEEK - Comprehensive coverage of news and developments affecting the business world. Includes information on computers, finance, labor, industry, marketing, science and technology.

BUZZ, THE TALK OF LOS ANGELES - Buzz is an award-winning magazine that reflects the singular blend of creativity, sophistication, edginess, and diversity that defines L.A. today. Irreverent but never mean-spirited, enlightening but never dull, stylish but not superficial, Buzz is the talk of Los Angeles. . .and the world.

CADA GUN JOURNAL - contains information on guns from a collector's point of view. Each issue is packed with gun show and auction dates as well as prices and pictures of antique guns. If you are a gun collector or dealer, Cada Gun Journal is for you.

CAMPUS LIFE - For active high school/college students from affluent families. Topics include healthy activities, social problems, sports, hobbies, health, and spiritual concerns.

CAPPER'S - the Heart of the Home over 100 years.

CAR AND DRIVER - For upscale car enthusiasts. Examines automobiles and related topics. Equal coverage to dometic and import products. 80% coverage is of cars, the rest on motor sports and personalities. Road test conducted with electronic equipment by engineers.

CAR AUDIO AND ELECTRONICS - Helps you enjoy audio components, cellular phones, security systems and other electronics for cars. Compares products, features what's new, how to buy and new-technology articles. Lists features, specs and prices of current products.

CAR CRAFT - The authority on making musclecars go faster, look better and handle right! Packed with high-performance advice on restoring and customizing 1960s to 1900s American street machines, each issue is packed with money-saving, performance-boosting tips and product information. Get expert, up-to-date advice on low-buck upgrades --- including suspension, brakes, ignition and more! Car Craft also covers paint and bodywork, with illustrated step-by-step instructions on sanding, prepping and painting.

CAR CRAFT --- there isn't a better do-it-yourself street machine guide anywhere.

CAT FANCY - Contains information on how to better understand and care for cats. Covers medical problems, care technique, purebreds, personal and fictional stories. Includes questions and answers.

CATHOLIC DIGEST - Provides inspiration, information, human interest stories, wholesome entertainment, and articles on religion. 30% religious content and 70% family oriented, relationship, health, community and humor.

CD-ROM TODAY - The leading guide to PC & Macintosh multimedia. Each month, the full range of multimedia products are covered within CD-ROM TODAY, giving the avid user of CD-ROM technology a satisfying array of products from which to choose.

CHARISMA - A magazine about news and events for dynamic Christian living.

CHICAGO is one of the top three city magazines in the country. Written by some of the city's best writers and editors, this magazine provides readers with award-winning editorial coverage of all aspects of Chicago life. It is reputed to be Chicago's most influential guide to events, nightlife, the arts, culture, living, dining and the political scene in and around Chicago.

CHEVY HIGH PERFORMANCE - Covers the performance and restoration spectrum involving '55-'57 Chevys, shoeboxes, Cameros, Corvettes and muscle cars. Information on Chevrolet factory performace parts, cars and personalities.

CHILD is for parents of elementary school children with a special section in each issue on babies. Covers fashion, home environment, toys, food, and entertainment for children as well as family travel. Regular features include education, health, fitness, manners, family cars, psychological development, book and video reviews, finance and arts and culture. CHILD also reports on the best private and public schools.

CHILE PEPPER - A consumer magazine devoted to spicy cooking from all over the world. Each issue contains at least 30 recipes. Departments include cookbook reviews, hot news items, profiles of pepper varieties, and gardening information. Chile Pepper covers Southwestern, Cajun, Asian, and Indian cooking and offers special issues for the Holidays and for areas such as Texas and Louisiana.

CINESCAPE - delivers insightful coverage of new and upcoming Action and Sci-Fi movies, television and interactive entertainment, in a full-color format. Each issue is packed with a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible new films and TV programs. Extensive features including interviews with starts, directors and special effects pro-s fill each action-packed issue.

CIVIL WAR TIMES ILLUSTRATED - telling the complete story of our nation's great Civil War, with all its action, romance, and modern-day significance. CIVIL WAR TIMES is the general-interest publication in a specialized field. Personalities, battles, travel, art and politics are just a few of the topics regularly covered.

CONSUMERS DIGEST - Evaluates products and lifestyles for quality and value. Readers depend upon this magazine for guidance and advice about product features, price, dependability, comparative value, to become "expert consumers".

COOKBOOK DIGEST - Excerpts from 20 best selling cookbooks, helpful hints on seasonal foods and a variety of cuisines.

COUNTRY JOURNAL - articles about the practical concerns and the deeper rewards of country life, including farming and gardening, and nature. Contains issues, essays, and profiles.

CROCHET FANTASY has been delighting crocheters of all skill levels since 1982. Eight big issues a year offer complete patterns with exacting diagrams, international symbol charts, and big color photographs for inspiration and detail. Crocheters find a range of designs from heirloom doilies and spreads, to quick yarn afghans, sweaters for the whole family , accessories, and holiday decorations. Illustrations, source lists, metric conversions, size changes, and more are included in every issue.

CROCHET HOME features decorative crochet projects that, when complete, will make excellent home accent pieces. Paterns from the nation's best designers include easy-to-follow instructions.

CROSS STITCH! - Each issue has elegant, heirloom-quality cross stitch designs for the discriminating stitcher. Sensational new ideas for your home decor or gift giving are shown in full-color photographs with easy-to-follow instructions and color charts.

CROSS STITICH & COUNTRY CRAFTS - America's premier cross-stitch magazine. Each issue includes up to 20 new projects, stitchery basics and techniques, new product and buyer's guide.

CYBERSURFER reviews computer games available on CD-ROM, diskette and online. It also discusses issues affecting the market.

DOWNBEAT - Each issue of DOWNBEAT is filled with the indepth interviews of today's contemporary musicians. Featuring profiles on new talent, bio's on the top high school and college talent, tips and how-to's from the pros, world accepted record reviews, and much more. Downbeat keeps you up to date on everyone and everything making it happen in music.

DRIP INVESTOR covers all aspects of dividend reinvestment programs (DRIPs) - how to buy stocks without a broker, how to buy stocks at a discount, and how to buy blue-chips on the "installment plan".

EATING WELL serves an audience interested in personal health, fine food and nutrition. Each issue is packed with superb recipes, nutrition reports, profiles, authoritative health advice, quick-cooking ideas and product information -- all aimed at readers who want the best of what's good and what's good for them.

ELECTRONIC GAMES - The authoritative magazine on interactive entertainment. Intended for the serious electronic game hobbyist, who wants the inside story on all electronic gaming platforms. EG delivers you the interviews, the game reviews and previews that sophisticated enthusiasts demand. EG is targeted to the adult market.

ELECTRONIC GAMING MONTHLY - the largest electronic gaming magazine in America, offering the most comprehensive coverage of home video and arcade game products with previews and reviews of the hottest trends and games on the market. In every issue you'll find tricks of the trade, complete international and arcade coverage and special features on the newest game systems. EGM is a best seller with the male youth market.

ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY - For the reader who loves a "whodunit," no magazine provides more reading entertainment than Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. For over 50 years, EQMM has published crime and suspense stories by the masters of the genre, including Ruth Rendell, Clark Howard, Ellery Queen, Ngaio Marcsh, Simon Brett, and Michael Gilbert. Over the years, the magazine has won numerous "Edgar" awards, which are conferred by the Mystery Writers of America for editorial excellence.

EMERGE covers the issues, ideas, and events that are of interest to the successful, sophisticated Black American. Emerge has a commitment to editorial excellence and therefore utilizes the best Black writers for insightful interviews and perspectives, as well as the best photographers and illustrators to ensure that the magazine is visually appealing.

EUROPEAN CAR - Devoted to Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and other European autos; featurs road tests, how-to articles, technical car features and photographic coverage.

FAMILY FREEBIES - For those who like getting stickers, crafts, books, key chains, magnets, toys product samples and other useful, fun and educational items for nothing or nest to nothing.

FAMILY FUN - The magazine that is for the entire family, is filled with wonderful ideas and activities that the entire family can share. Articles included in every issue are weekend ventures, ggames, treats, home cooking and celebrations.

FANGORIA, the original, and still the perennial, favorite of horror fans in most of the civilized world, explores the darker side of man's imagination. Fangoria takes its readers on a journey of special effects, the how-to of today's biggest box office horror films. Interviews with the likes of Clive Barker, "Hellraiser", and Freddy Kruger, "Nightmare on Elm Street", are just a few of the features that bring the horror back to reality. Movie and video reviews round out Fangoria.

FINANCIAL WORLD - The magazine about American business, economic, and social trends which affect business and the capital market.

FAMILY PC MAGAZINE - A place for you and your family to share computer experience, projects, tips, and questions with families from around the country. Plus, in every issue of Family PC there is a HELP! section, MEGAzine, CREATIVE COMPUTING, WHAT'S ON, REVIEWS, DOUBLE CLICK, FUN, and MORE.

FASHION KNITTING - Knit beautiful fashions by hand and machine with luxury yarns. Complete patterns and diagrams are shown in full-page color photos, and all designs are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and charts. Knit and crochet patterns for all skill levels are included: sweaters for adults and children, afghans, doilies, and fashionable accessories for family and home. Holiday issues include patterns for gifts and ornaments. Knitting how-to's, designing and fashion news are a plus.

FISHING FACTS - The fresh water fishing authority. Every issue is a how-to treasure of fishing know-how, guaranteed to help you catch more fish.

FREEBIES - The magazine with something for nothing and almost free offers.

FUSION will change the way your customers look at interactive entertainment by giving them page after page of information on the systems of today, while looking ahead to the world of tomarrow. Fusion will take you to places where syustems and technology are responsible for what you see, hear, and play; and interview the people behind these technological wonders. From video games to virtual reality, Fusion will have more coverage of all the high-powered 32 and 64 Bit hardware platforms, monthly.

GAMES - This is a unique magazine that covers the world of games. We try to twist people's brains in many ways. Puzzle enthusiasts will especially enjoy this magazine. We also feature articles on video and computer games.

GARDEN DESIGN - Each issue brings editorial and photographic studies of the great gardens of the world. Profiles of landscape designers who can help you design your own garden, including plans and plant listings. Plus the history, literature, art and lore of the garden. If you see your own garden as an extension of your living space. . .as a state of mind as well as a place to be. . .you will love Garden Design!

GOLF FOR WOMEN - Features articles on golf instruction, equipment, tournament & course information, tournament results, vacation ideas & other related topics.

GRIT - a health and fitness magazine also containing entertainment, humor, family oriented features and recipes.

GUN DOG - Edited primarily for upland bird and waterfowl hunter-gunners involved with the pointing, fishing, and retrieving breeds of bird dogs.

GUNS AND AMMO - Guns and Ammo is the undisputed leader in the field of recreational shooting shorts. Every issue includes articles on handguns, rifles and shotguns, insights into reloading techniques, target-shooting and safety tips plus features on the current trends in gun legislation.

HEART & SOUL - A lifestyle magazine dedicated to showing African-American women the practical positive and personal actions to make their lives better, with articles covering health, beauty and family issues.

HOME OFFICE COMPUTING - The resource for the growing number of individuals who work and conduct their business from their homes. Each issue advises readers on the home-based business opportunities, home office design, computer hardware and software to fit the needs of the home-based business person. as well as telecommunications options and more. Home Office Computing is on the cutting edge of workstyle trends.

HOME PC - The #1 home computing magazine for entertainment, education, and

HOME THEATER TECHNOLOGY - is a monthly publication dedicated to educating and exciting consumers about home theater. Each issue contains unique system-oriented product "face-off's", dealer/product locator listings, industry interviews and more. Home Theater Technology magazine gives consumers all the information they need to create a new home theater system or get the most out of their existing one.

HOOKED ON CROCHET - Each issue is filled with afghans, toys, gift ideas and more! Designs from America's best designers are shown in full-color photographs will bring you the most in stitching pleasure.

HOT BOAT - general water sports, prop & jet driven boats. Features on boating, hi performance tips, outboard RPM tricks, offshore, outboard and drag racing coverage.

HUNTING - Hunting is devoted to the short of recreational hunting. Every issue includes articles on big and small game, waterfowl and upland game, and hunting in a variety of locales - plus monthly features on gun dogs, knives, clothing, bowhunting and firearms.

I LOVE CATS - The ultimate magazine for cat care from medical breakthroughs to pet health insurance. It has articles about every cat breed, their origins, and their traits. There are sections with cartoons, photographs, and poetry. The publication also keeps an updated list of show schedules around the country.

LADIES HOME JOURNAL - Concerns women and their relationship with the world in which they live.

MAC WORLD is the Macintosh magazine that contains hands on in-depth product evaluations and comparisons. MacWorld is written for the educated business user and provides product reviews and departments including: Mac World News, Verbatim (Interviews with Macintosh industry insiders), new products, a variety of how-to articles, as well as the monthly Macintosh Best Sellers list and where-to-buy information. Mac World assists its readers with buying products.

MARLIN - The anticipation of the hunt, the excitement of the fight, the absolute thrill of victory. Characteristics of a sport that describe a personality touched by the desire for adventure. MARLIN MAGAZINE understands these traits and focuses on the editorial information that helps you get in-touch with your sport.

MC CALL'S magazine - Women's service and self-help advice. Fiction, book excerpts, poetry.

MEN'S CONFIDENTIAL - A monthly newsletter that empowers men by providing them with the latest medial breakthroughs in men's health, from new ways to treat prostate cancer to curing impotence and using diet and exercise to lower high blood pressure. From the publishers of PREVENTION and MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE.

MEN'S FITNESS - is targeted towards upwardly mobile men who are committed to looking good and feeling great. It strives for wholistic development of the reader featuring the latest information on training and exercise, health, and nutrition.

MENS JOURNAL - Adventure, travel, fitness, sports and other topics appealing to men.

MINISTRIES TODAY - A practical, hands-on magazine designed to meet the needs
of leaders in the contemporary church.

MOBILE OFFICE follows the rapidly developing market for portable electronics that allow business people to work productively while on the road. It offers insightful coverage of how companies and individuals are using today's electronics to gain a competitive edge---plus comparison reports and buyers' guides to cellular phones, notebook computers, and other products to help buyers make informed decisions.

MUSCLE & FITNESS presents new consciousness of physical fitness to the serious exercise and athletics training enthusiast.

MOTOR TREND - Motor Trend is the leader in providing accurate facts and hard data on today's automotive scene. Every issue offers complete road tests, detailed performance specs, comparisons and reviews of all the latest vehicles plus automotive trends, buyer's guides and more!

MOUNTAIN BIKE - Your complete guide to off-road cycling fun and adventure.

MUTUAL FUNDS MAGAZINE is a monthly publication covering the mutual funds marketplace. It is your monthly guide to America's best investments.

NATIONAL REVIEW - The magazine that provides first hand reports on national, international, and cultural affairs, with a focus on Washington and other political hot spots.

THE NET - A new magazine designed from the ground up as a tool for both the beginning cyber traveler as well as the seasoned surfer.

NETGUIDE - The #1 guide to cyberspace and online services.

NEW MAN - For men of integrity.

NEXT GENERATION - The future of interactive entertainment. Specially created for a new generation of hardware and software; excusively written for sophisticated game players; daringly designed to look and feel like no other magazine.

OFF-ROAD - Off-roading travel; photos, tech tips, road tests, new products.

ORGANIC GARDENING - America's most popular gardening magazine-expert advice to make your garden the easiest and best ever. Practical tips for growing vegetables and flowers.

PAINTWORKS - Founded in 1989, PaintWorks offers exclusive features to teach readers how to apply painting trends and techniques, improve decorative painting skills, and master new mediums. Over a dozen painting projects from noted decorative painters and teachers enable readers to easily and skillfully complete their own works. Included are charming folk art and country pieces, as well as classic and seasonal themes, in a variety of painting mediums. Complete patterns and instructions are included.

PARENTING was named by Adweek as the "hottest magazine of 1990." Each issue features in-depth articles on your child, plus features that include travel, food, fashion, and reviews of the latest toys. This magazine is a must for today's busy parents.

PARENTS MAGAZINE - Parent education material written for easy comprehension. Problems of child rearing from crib to college. Education, health, recreation, community relations and marriage. Food, fashion, health and beauty.

PC/COMPUTING CD-ROM EDITION, the ultimate multimedia companion to PC/COMPUTING.

PC GAMER contains strategy and tips for hot new computer games as well as the scoop on major new products.

PC WORLD is the practical business guide to IBM personal computers and compatibles. Each month it provides the product news, real world, reviews, how-to support, and industry perspective that business buyers need to maximize their purchase power and get the most value from their current PC investments. Backed by an independent product testing laboratory and a consumer support program, PC World gives its readers the power to buy smart and use smart.

PHOENIX HOME & GARDEN is a magazine for affluent readers concerned with achieving and maintaining an upscale lifestyle in the Southwest. Focuses on homes, interior design, architecture & renovations. Other features include gourmet cuisine, home entertaining, gardening and landscaping. Regular columns feature international travel, health and fitness, restaurants and events, & an art gallery calendar.

POPULAR HOT RODDING - For those interested in automobiles; covers road tests, drag races and hot rods. New car reviews, project cars, automotive engineering made simple.

PREMIER TELECARD MAGAZINE is the FIRST magazine of its kind in the U.S. and has chronicled the history of telecard collecting from the it all started...where it is going. Premier Telecard Magazine contains articles with a wide range of interests, from basic collecting tips to technical explanations.

PREVENTION - The world's most popular health magazine-read by 12 million Americans every month! It shows you the very latest and best ways to lose weight, improve nutrition, prevent illness and enjoy life more!

PRIMARY PSYCHIATRY is the first clinical journal to provide practical psychiatric information to both psychiatrists and primary care physicians. The editorial content will focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with psychiatric disorders, with a special emphasis on comorbidity.

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY focuses on human behavior as it relates to all aspects of life.

QUICK & EASY CROCHET is ideal for the busy person that still wants a quality finished product. Each issue contains detailed colored pictures of all designs with easy to follow instructions. Projects in yarn, cotton thread, nylon cord, and other materials add to the variety of useful, gift quality items featured in each handy to use magazine.
QUICK & EASY PLASTIC CANVAS - Each issue is packed with clever plastic canvas creations and great gift ideas that are quick-to-stitch and fun to make! With the clear instructions and color graphs, these designs can be stitched in an evening or two!

RIP - articles and interviews about heavy metal music.

RODAL'S SCUBA DIVING - The magazine diver's trust! Featuring in-depth scuba equipment comparative reviews, dive travel destination, reports and feature articles on the diving environment, aquatic life, diver nutrition and health.

ROLLING STONE - A general interest magazine covering modern American culture, politics, and the arts with a special emphasis on music.

RUNNER'S WORLD - The leader since 1966-America's number one running magazine covers training, racing, shoes and injury prevention for the recreational and competitive runner.

SASSY - Sassy is a refreshing, unique magazine for spirited and adventurous teenagers. For these emerging women, Sassy provides inspiration and know-how on fashion, relationships, entertainment and health.

SAVEUR (which means flavor or zest in French) is an all-American publication that explores and celebrates the authentic cuisines of the entire world. In each issue you will discover the stories behind traditional dishes -- where they were born and how they grew up. You will learn to reproduce these dishes at home. You will journey to culinary destinations the world over -- some famous, some still secret. SAVEUR re-connects readers to the excitement of food through a world of authentic food experiences. And that is what distinguishes it from every other epicurean book.

SELLING - Selling puts you in closer touch with other top professionals elsewhere in sales. It gives you specific advice on what to say and how to act in different situations. It helps you deal with the problems. It helps you seize opportunities. . .including sales careers in fast-growth industries. Selling will help you keep your competitive edge.

SIMPLY CROSS STITCH - You'll get quick results and creative satisfaction with the innovative projects included in SIMPLY CROSS STITCH. The step-by-step instructions, color charts and photographs are helpful for beginners and pros alike!

SNOWMOBILE, Showcase for the sport of snowmobiling, with information on new machines, new products and vacation hotspots.

SOUTHERN BOATING - The South's largest boating magazine covers the boating waters from the southeastern and southwestern U.S. to the Bahamas and Caribbean.

SPIDER-MAN MAGAZINE - For kids ages 6-12. Every fantastic, fun-filled issue is packed with original comic stories, poster pullouts, puzzles, activites, features, games, sneak previews, letters and more! All focusing on the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

SPIN is one of the most exciting magazines in America today. Spin Combines the excitement of new music with the impact of investigative journalism and adds a twist of humor. Spin has established itself as the only national magazine that gives serious coverage to new music, new values, new styles, and new attitudes. The magazine is challenging and comprehensive and has won numerous awards for journalistic excellence in its reporting.

SPORT - With award-winning features and action-packed color photography, Sport offers profiles, previews and predictions on the latest in football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Sport also includes up-to-date stats, prizes, challenging quizzes and much more.

SPORT DIVER is edited for the core market of underwater enthusiasts for whom diving is life of activity. It features in-depth departments on equipment, travel, skills, and technical diving. Sport Diver also offers articles on diving adventure, marine science, exotic travel destinations, advanced instruction, and personality profiles.

SPORT FISHING is edited for the active offshore fisherman and is the fastest growing offshore fishing and boating magazine in the country. Sport Fishing offers instructional tips, boat reviews, marine electronics, previews, fishing gear updates, profiles of captains and charters, travel features, marine life information, and more.

SPY is a smart, stylish, satirical magazine that chronicles life in urban America. SPY offers witty; revelations and unpredictable insights about the people and institutions that make metropolitan life special. SPY's sophisticated, sharp, irreverent articles appeal to a bright, young, affluent audience. SPY is the city magazine reinvented for the nineties -- a city magazine with a point of view.

STARLOG - The number one magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. All aspects of Science Fiction and fact, are covered in the pages of the world authority. Movie, television, and books are all part of the line-up, including exclusive interviews with all the notables in the genre, including George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

SUCCESS serves entrepreneurs in the U.S. and abroad.

SUPER CHEVY - Covers all forms of Chevrolet motorsports including racing, fuel economy, show cars and restorations. Features on products and personalities in the world of Chevrolet.

SUPERCYCLE - custom motorcycles, biker parties, bars, bands, and events.

TEACHING K-8 - Written for teachers in elementary schools throughout the U.S. and Canada.

THRASHER - Founded in 1981, Thrasher is on the cutting edge of teen culture with coverage of skateboarding, snowboarding, modern music, and alternative activities for the youth of today. Each issue is packed with color photos, interviews, profiles, contest results, photo sequences, and video captures. It also features video game reviews, advice columns, fashion tips, and insider industry gossip from the skateboard and music world. Its target audience is 13 through college age adult.

TOLE WORLD - Shows you how to decorate your home with lovely accents you have painted yourself. Decorate a jewelery box, make beautiful wall plaques, or create wearable art. Contains step-by-step decorative painting instructions.

TOTAL HEALTH deals with holistic health covering body, mind and spirit. Emphasis on fitness, nutrition, skin & body care, and mental & emottional health. TOTAL HEALTH is a true preventative health care lifestyle magazine.

TRADING CARDS - magazine furnishes key investment tips, interesting player profiles and timely industry news.

TRAVEL 50 & BEYOND - First travel magazine for people age 50 & over.

TRIATHLETE - The only national publication available to curious fans and knowledgeable participants of the triathlon. Contains feature-length articles on cross-training, medicine and equipment that provide athletes with the physical and mental tools with which to perform better.

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT - National and international affairs; reporting and analyzing news of government, business, industry, labor, international relations, national defense, etc.

US MAGAZINE is the picture/news magazine of entertainment and contemporary culture.

VACATIONS - Designed to help travelers find information on destinations, attractions, accomodations and more.

VEGETARIARN TIMES - Contains vegetarian recipes, dietary information, updates on animal rights issues, advice on buying whole foods and preparing foods for maximum nutritional value, and articles on nutritional approaches to disease.

VEGGIE LIFE - Information on maintaining nutrition and health by growing, cooking, and eating "green". Contains recipes complete with nutrition information.

VIBE is a magazine that covers hip-hop culture... the music, the message, the mood, the moment. Vibe takes hip-hop as a given, not a fad. Vibe knows that hip-hop is the fastest-growing populist music in America, and the most diverse. And Vibe knows that the music is just the beginning, that hip-hop has given birth to a new wave of black (and white) artists, executives, and entrepreneurs who are taking the music's urgent, uncensored, and uncompromising approach to unexplored territory.

VIDEO GAMES - information on computer entertainment software, electronics video game machines, etc. Includes news on Nintendo, Atari, IBM, Apple, NEC, Sega, and Commodore products.

VIDEO MAGAZINE - Service/entertainment publication for the home video enthusiast.

VIDEOMAKER is about how to make videos. It guides both newcomers and veterans through the expanding territories of the video market. In every issue readers find frequent reports on new products, and tips and techniques necessary for all phases of video production.

W MAGAZINE is a monthly publication that gets the latest news from the fashion shows in France and Milan to their subscribers, faster than any other women's magazine. From runway to in-store, from day to-evening wear and in between, W provides dramatic visual merchandising. W's top tier audience are women of style who demand the latest in fashion news and look to W first.

WAKEBOARDING MAGAZINE - Radical tips for every level of rider, the latest equipment information, travel features, insane photography, tournament updates and inside look at the pros.

WALKING - The many faces of walking - Fitness, Sports and Recreation. Provides fitness tips, lowfat recipes and new product information.

WATERCRAFT WORLD - The magazine that informs you about all the different riding opportunities for the watercraft enthusiasts; touring, towing, snorkeling, racing, vacation, fishing.

WATERSKI - Devoted to the sport of water skiing from beginner to pro. Featuring boat and ski tests, tournament coverage, how-to's profiles. Subscription includes the annual "Boat Buyer's Guide".

WEB DEVELOPER - 6 issues per year, the Technical Magazine for Internet Professionals, is for programmers, Webmasters, network administrators, page designers, and other technically-oriented personnel responsible for developing and maintaining software, hardware, content and security on the world's leading web sites and Internet services.

WHERE TO RETIRE - Helps the soon to be retired find the ideal setting for
their new life.

WILDFOWL - Edited for the avid duck & goose hunter - boats, blinds, decoys, flyways, and waterfowl products in every issue.

WINDOWS MAGAZINE - The #1 resource for Windows computing information

WINDSURFING - Directed exclusively at the growing windsurfing audience, explicit "how-to" features, sequenced photography, money saving board reviews, and new product information make Wind Surfing the wind-surfing authority. Plus, each issue is packed with colorful regatta coverage, exciting travel adventures and award winning full-color photography from around the world.

WING & SHOT - Edited for avid upland bird hunters with coverage on all major upland species; includes where to go, product reviews, shotgunning and more!

WINNING - Designed to help readers increase their odds for winning the big money prize of their dreams. Subjects covered are contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, TV game shows, Vegas-type gaming and methods of earnigh extra income.

WOMEN'S SPORTS AND FITNESS is the only magazine that takes women seriously as athletes and fitness enthusiasts by addressing their needs and concerns. It is dedicated to celebrating the lifestyle of active women through stories that inform, entertain, and inspire. Women's Sports and Fitness contains profiles of active and outstanding women, product reviews, how-to-articles, travel tips for the active traveler, and the latest news on nutrition, health, and fitness.

WOOD STROKES - Shows you how to create each project from the first outline to the last dab of paint. Every issue includes over 10 beautiful, easy-to-paint designs for wood, step-by-step instructions and full-size patterns and paint or profit column - turn crafts into cash.

WORKING WOMAN is a business magazine for women that is topical, issues-oriented and hard-hitting. In each issue you'll find such features as: Small Business Information --- including profiles of female entrepreneurs and how you can start your own business, Career Strategies --- solving real people's problems with expert solutions, "Your Money" --- personal finance updates, health and fitness, travel, and beauty.

YACHTING - For pleasure enthusiasts. Places equal emphasis on the interests of both the sail and power boat owner. Topical articles covering the sport as well as national and international concerns. New boat plans, new boats.

YAHOO! INTERNET LIFE - User-friendly and easy to read, YAHOO! INTERNET LIFE goes beyond the limitations of mere internet listings to serve as a friendly companion to online exploration. In each issue, a staff of top-notch reviewers provides a critical view of what's avialable on the web. Readers find out about new sites first, learn how to get to the best ones, and discover the hidden treasures that lie buried within the rest. Plus, every site reviewed is indexed at the YAHOO! INTERNET LIFE Web site, so that readers get instant links to amazing sites at the simple click of a button.

YM - For young women between the ages of 14 and 19. Coversentertainment, fitness and careers, with emphasis on beauty.

YOUR MONEY - a personal finance magazine dedicated to helping consumers make effective money decisions.
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