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This site began as a resource for my clients and friends as they stumbled down the on-ramp of the infobahn. Its purpose has broadened just a little. It remains an eclectic waypoint for the discerning Internaut... and perhaps something more.

"First we put our hands to work,
then we change the world."
-Ora Cameron

Beloved Daughter - Rest in Peace
1992 - 2001

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Ora's Images

About 300k of grand 24 bit images of Ora. All on one page. Don't even go there with 256 colors.

Set Monitor bit depth to millions or thousands.
Use Monitors Control Panel on a Mac. Use Control Panel on '95 too but you must also select the proper driver, (Good Luck!), and restart. You need WIN INSTALL disks to do it on Windows 3.1... Call Micro$oft support if you don't have a clue how. But DO feel empowered, you have the operating system that is the first choice of the masses;)

protect the Internet!

holy Wars

mac tech: Local Tech Resources.

the reason why there are more DOS boxes in the world than macs...

download freePPP 2.6.2 The Latest, even more improved version of Mac PPP.

download TechTool v1.1.9 A free utility from micromat

Performs correct desktop-rebuild. Properly zaps PRAM and checks system files for corruption. Scans local networks. Many other features... A must have tool for all Mac Zelots! Updated to support Systems through 9.0.4 US & 9.0 (Int'l).

legal disclaimer: See Amendment 1

Michael and Ora (gif)
Michael and his beloved.

Hear the voice of an angel.

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